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1 am, so brevity is the soul of getting to sleep.

Finished Alan Dean Foster's Relic Friday at work and started some almost-free and not quite worth it trashy sci-fi.

Up at 7:30 this morning, but had things to do on the tablet so out of bed at 10. Two sourdough pancakes defrosted/reheated for a late breakfast. Not as good as fresh.

Noon, headed for Los Gatos, put the pixel phone in the new dashboard stand and tried to stream via the Twitch app, but it couldn't get a connection. Traffic was fine until the last 5 miles, and Los Gatos is a mess for parking - nothing near the venue with more than 2-hour limits, and permit-only parking for the next 3 blocks. 4 blocks out there was plenty of parking on the streets.

Found the UW alumni right away, they were set up on two long tables facing the bar, two TVs with the game on. Drinks and appetizers courtesy of the alumni assn., and the waitresses were both attractive and efficient. The crowd was a mix of real alumni, Seattle transplants and spouses. The game wasn't very good, and my table became a nursery - who brings an infant into a bar? Seriously. I left at halftime, score tied a 17, Oregon playing much better than WA. Got some swag. 

Walked back to the car, on the way checked the menu for a restaurant cleverly named Coup de Thai. Very American. Items like Pad C U, Pad Grr Pow and Red Neck Panang. Well past lunchtime, there was a waiting list.

Set up the phone to stream to Twitch again, this time it worked. But having the display in my face was distracting, and after about 18 minutes it stopped. The phone shut itself off, and in the stand it was not possible to try to get it back on.

Home, plugged in the phone thinking it had run out of battery, but no, it had an 87% charge, and an error message that it was shut off because it got too hot. In the sun on the dashboard, sure but it was only 80° out and the air conditioner was on. The dash cam never overheated and it was right on the windshield. So I have been looking for a dash cam without a display, rated for 150F which can live stream. I may have found one I can afford, waiting for answers on Amazon's Q&A page.

Plugged in the car - it has been on petrol all the way home - watched the final 3 regulation minutes of the Husky game and saw the coach blow the chance for a TD or a closer shot at a field goal, and of course the first FG was good but the bastard SOB of an Oregon coach had called a time-out, and the second FG failed. I did not watch further, but heard on the news that Oregon won. That will knock UW out of the top 10 and probably out of the Pac 12 championship.

Watched the stream video, and was not pleased with the quality.

6:30 headed to Campbell for Karaoke. Had I stayed for the whole UW game, Campbell is halfway from home to Los Gatos, so I would have gone straight there. Got there a little early, and they were having problems setting up the machines, mikes and TVs in the room - we didn't get to use the chapel, which is pre-wired. So I got on stage and they played almost 20 minutes of my set list which I sang as they checked the systems.

Sat next to a very sexy young woman, who works at Google. Did the obligatory online name search and her last name may be Thai. But she has no online presence since 2012, when she was a student at MIT. Hmmm. I'll have to look her up at Google.

The audience loved my singing, especially Dylan's Make You Fell My Love, Paul Anka's My Way and then the MC threw in Sal T'lai Ka Siti for my finale which got a lot of chuckles as people decoded my African accent.

One of the regulars wanted me to do a duet with another of the regulars whom I had sung with before, but we ran out of time. The other singer has an insanely beautiful coloratura voice, and knows how to use it. She nailed Evergreen, a song I love but cannot stand the Streisand nose flute version.

Home, this time the stream stayed up the whole way, but it broke my in-car nav system. The map stayed frozen on the screen, and it would not go to the home screen. I was able to change radio stations and volume, though.

Dinner was clam chowder from a can from Grocery Outlet, an off-brand. Same brand as the crab bisque. It sucked too. Had a pickle to fight the hunger.

The bed needs to be made. That means a fight with Spot.

Plans for later today:
Goodwill ???
Movie - Smallfoot (?)
Watch football ?
Change the litterboxes & take out the garbage
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