Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Box cutting day

Was up way late (like 3 am-ish) after Karaoke (ended at 11) then dinner, then Tivo and also checking out some more features of the Roku TV.  And making sure over the air I got the Comet channel. And making my bed - had to toss Spot out of the bedroom, he kept diving under the sheets as I was trying to snap them in place.

Spot kept licking my hand and arm, I have no idea where he got this behavior from. It makes falling asleep a challenge.

The alarm was not set, I woke up around 10, I think. Massive headache, Tylenol, back to bed. Wiped the bad sci-fi book from the tablet and opened up Amy Tan's latest. The difference in writing quality is phenomenal. And it's an autobiography of sorts, as much about her parents as about her.

I kind of cyber stalked the sexy woman I met at Karaoke, and discovered she is a math phenom, At 17 won a medal at the international Girl's math competition held in China every year -she represented her hometown near LA. And she placed in the finals of a poker tournament not long ago. I'll have to look her up at work tomorrow. And then I'm done. It just piqued my curiosity that she has posted nothing online since 2012 when she was a freshperson at MIT, writing for the campus newspaper. And her surname appears to be a fabrication.
Hgl was 80, ate two Klondikes.

Watched some football - Seahawks won handily over Oakland in Wembly Stadium.

Late lunch was some breaded fish fillets, home made tartar sauce, corn on the cob and one mochi.

Sat out on the porch and watched the hummingbirds not come to the feeders - they zoomed around chasing each other instead.

Delivered was the Netgear internet bridge, which I powered up and connected to the wi-fi network. Moved it to the bedroom, and it is ready to be the ethernet connection for the mini Tivo next week some time. Also in the box was a set of 4 or 5 1-foot extension cords. Used one for the bridge, which is a plug-in unit.

Also delivered was a quiet tower fan for work. The little USB fan I have is way too noisy. The tower is similar to the one in my home office.

Sometime in the late afternoon it occurred to me I was out of lunches and fruit for lunch next week, so off to the big Safeway and spent $106. Part of the splurge was a half gallon of light egg nog. They had about a dozen kinds, compared to none last year at this time. Southern Comfort, Almond, pumpkin spice (yuk!), Darigold, etc. They had grab and go salads which looked better than Google's, so I got two chef's salads which should cover Mon-Tue.

Home, across the street neighbor Lou was in his chair in the street by his driveway. His new PT Anita had taken out the garbage bins, so I went over to chat. Lou said he broke his pelvis, but it's inoperable so PT and time will have to take care of it. Apparently he fell on his wife, who wasn't hurt.

Played with Spot with the feather on a stick toy. He loves when I whip it back and forth quickly over his head. He jumps for it. But not for long, and he'd rather annoy Spook. Delivered in email was a reminder that Spook is due for her annual vet visit. I went online and asked for something next Saturday, but they are probably booked, so I may need to take time off from work. I also need to bleed for Kaiser (A1C test).

Took out the garbage. There was a big pile of boxes to flatten, including the one for the TV. Took 20 minutes, and had to evict Spot from one of the boxes.

Watched another Graham Norton - Jamie Lee Curtis, Jeff Goldblum, some old rock star who wrote a book and Mr. Bean, who has a new non-Mr. Bean movie out. Roland Atkinson. I am not a fan.

Not as good as the previous episode with Jodi Whitaker, Lady Gaga, Ryan Gosling and that guy who co-starred in/directed A Star Is Born

Watched football - KC at NE. As if it was scripted, KC tied it up at the last minute, then gave it away in the last 3 seconds.

Dinner was chopped liver and onions on rye. Bryer's chocolate chunk ice cream.

Created an FB page for Spot (Spot Silverheels) so Spook (Spook Calico) would have a friend. Been using Spook's as my page. It is working well. Not a lot of vitriol, though there is one person I need to un-follow. Done.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone interview 3:30
Nail place - see if they can fix the chipped nail.

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