January 15th, 2019


Early Post for reasons

Phone interview went well, but disappointed it is not an FTE, it's a low-paying contract.
Can't post this on Facebook, because it seems I am the only one on the planet who is not a rabid Carol Channing fan. I hated her voice and her over the top flailing which somehow passed for singing and acting. I'm never happy to hear someone has died, especially someone I can't stand because then it's more difficult to tell the world I can't stand that person. And because John Donne.

Took the pork in moo dang marinade out of the fridge to soak at room temperature. Will cut and bake it this afternoon.
Assembled the new smaller lighter weight Bissel carpet steamer and ran it over the Spooked section of the livingroom rug. It works great. But Spook had already anointed the Star Trek transporter rug, so that needs to be washed again.
It's raining. Google and Alexa both insist it is not.

The Rest of the Story

The moo dang was a disaster. I misread the instructions and sliced up the pork loin and then baked the slices. I was supposed to bake the roast whole, then cut it up. So I have 4 lbs of very dry but very red pork slices. I will try again tomorrow I think. Or maybe I'll just buy some pre-made at Ranch99.

No new job prospects. One bozo kept sending me "urgent requirement" email for a developer job in Arkansas. Even after my auto-reply told him I'm not a developer.

It rained all day,  not hard but steady. Expecting the same tomorrow.

No storm chasers were out today, despite the storms.

I re-installed the marbles game and Streamlabs, and streamed for half an hour after lunch and again just now, but it needs 7 contestants and I only got three or 4.

No word from Anna about Spot, but I don't expect to hear anytime soon.

Spot has been a major brat, climbing up on the kitchen counter as I make meals. Which reminds me, as soon as I finish this, there are 4 cups of rice cooked and needing zip-locking & freezing.

Dinner was reheated pizza with provolone added. Chocolate cake for dessert. On, maybe 2 slices left.

Watched The Bachelor with Spot curled up on my arm and then he climbed higher on my chest. If I didn't have Spook, he would be the Perfect Cat™. Except for the massive steaming stinky poo, accompanied by a lot of yelling.

Watched Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, WTF is she doing out of rehab/jail? The club is on Mikonos, and is funded by some rich Greek micromanaging a-hole. Lots of beautiful booty among the womenfolk. The men staff are definitely 2nd rate.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shut off the PC early, grab the laptop and hang out at Pete's or Starbucks or both. They are turning the power off at 8:30 all day.
Maybe see a movie or two