January 27th, 2019


Busy day. Broke the industrial strength car charger. Bought orchids

Once again Spook started out on the bed but ended up under the keyboard in the guest room.

Stayed in bed reading till 8:30, did the usual morning stuff. Spook begged for treats as usual.

She has not used the tall cat tree in the kitchen since Spot left, as it was her fortress from which she defended against him. So I moved it back into the guest room, where it had been Spot's tree while he was parked there after I first got him. Moved the kitchen table back to where it had been. Also need to re-hang the top kitchen curtain and scoot the hanging plants across.

10-ish, punched the address of the orchid show into the nav system and drove out there. POI names rarely work in the Leaf, but addresses spoken to it work just fine, and once an address has been entered it can be saved in the address book and pulled up again in the future.

There are two community centers on the same street in Redwood City, the orchid show was at the second one. Girl's soccer was at the first one.

The show took up 5 rooms: Sales by society members, plant hotel where you could leave plants you bought while you wandered the building, the show (displays and ribbons but no sales), sales by commercial orchid companies and the classroom.

I bought a white cataleya with a big flower in the members' room, put it in the car and came back to look at the show, which was huge. Made a couple of passes through the commercial room, but traffic lanes were horrible and the only catalaya seller I saw wasn't selling any of the samples he had of blooming plants.

Back to the show to take pictures

Then to the classroom to watch a demo of re-potting cymbidium orchids, which are growable outdoors, and not a kind I would ever want at home. But you learn a lot of applicable techniques at any class.

Back to the commercial room, and in the far corner the guy not selling blooming catalayas was selling budding ones, so I bought one which should produce deep purple flowers. I put that in the car and came back for one more pass through the members' room, and then in the commercial room all the way at the other end from the budding grower was a botanist who was selling hundreds of tiny catalayas, more than a dozen varieties. No blooms, but I bought 3 for $25 which may produce flowers eventually.

Back to Sunnyvale, parked the car at a charger and went into Specialty's for a snack while it charged. Phone beeped at me, the charger quit after 6 minutes. I tried 2 more times, it errored out in a minute or two. Called the number on the machine, got a support person who rebooted the unit, it took about 5 minutes, they are on an old Windows enterprise OS on top of another old Windows OS. I saw putty on the desktop, which is kind of bizarre for a stand-alone machine.

Once it came up, he comped me to an almost full charge (96%, 40 minutes) so I shopped in Grocery Outlet. There was some fine eye candy and they had chocolate mochi as well.

Home, plugged in to complete the charge, put away all the orchids and groceries.

In the mail was the W2 from Social Security and the Leaf's generic plates. Entered the SS numbers in TurboTax, and found a form online for transferring the plates. They don't make appointments for that, so I'll take the form and all my plates to the DMV Monday and take my chances. I expect a $15 fee.

Delivered was the handle for the squeegee but not the squeegee because it is an add-on item and the handle was less than the $35 add-on requirement. Also delivered was the cat hidey box, which I set up and Spook was immediately attracted to the hanging fuzzy ball but not the box itself. Figures.

Baked up some tater tots from GO, then drove out to Campbell for karaoke. It started slow but gained momentum. Lots of new folks. The math  genius from last time did not show up. Bummer. I sang a lot. My voice cracked some - sinus thing happening.

Home, fixed up two chopped liver on rye with burned onion, schmaltz and HB egg. Chip mint ice cream dessert. Watched a vet family clinic show.

Plans for tomorrow:

Finish the kitchen curtains/plants project
Watch the pro bowl on time delay
ATM, deposit that check from the car dealer
Take out the garbage 

It's all in the timing

Stayed in bed till 10, because I could, and because I had a tough time getting to sleep after late karaoke. Spook climbed on me at least three times from 6 am till 9 am, but she has plenty of kibble so treats (which she kind of eats as if it was the main course) can wait.

One side effect of a pair of midnight chopped liver sandwiches and chip mint ice cream was a way too high Hgl level.

After my usual breakfast, I watched an episode of White Water Gold in which a 74-year old and his 20-something son scuba into a very cold Alaskan river ISO an imaginary gold deposit under the bedrock.  They have found traces of gold, but nothing significant yet. In this episode the dad finally stops trying to run his own dig and helps pairs of divers work together. There is no actual evidence that there is major gold to be found, but this team has big dreams of countless riches, and they are way deep in the forest. They may hit bedrock in an episode or two, then we'll see.

Fired up the Tivo recording of the pro bowl already in progress. Mahones did well, Wilson didn't. Luck looked horrible. I didn't watch anyone else that closely. The losing coach did all kinds of crazy things to try to pull out a score, which was fun to watch. Defensive guys on offense, fast offensive guys rushing the passer. Fake field goal. They still lost.

Time to re-pot the orchids. I had two large ones and three tiny ones. The tiny ones fit in a pot which had had an orchid in it that died, I moved it from the top of a living room speaker to the newly cleaned kitchen table.

The pot I tried to put the smaller big one in kept tipping over, and when I tried to pour bark from the almost empty bag, the bag was upside down and fine powder and bark spilled all over.

Good place to stop for a break and shopping.

First to the ATM and deposited the check from the car dealer. Then on the way back, Lowe's, looked for ceramic pots but they only had huge ones so I got a pair of clay pots and deep 10" pans to put under them for humidity.

Home, got out the vacuum to clean up the spilled bark, but it just threw it around more. No suction. I took the cannister out, it looked fine but empty. Took apart the brush assembly and scraped a lot of cat barf (thanks, Spot) off, but the clog was inside, replace would cost less than repair, so a new machine is on the way.

Cash I did not want to spend.

Roomba gave it a try, but that lame invention is no good for cleaning a specific area, it wants to travel at random. Even if you set it where there is dirt, it soon finds places on the other side of the house. And gets stuck on places it always gets stuck on. You would think there woud be some mapping memory, but no.

Eff it.

The orchids got potted, and are on the kitchen table. Cleanup on Tuesday when the new machine arrives.

Lunch was a couple of hot dogs, mustard & sauerkraut in buns. Lamyay for a chaser.

Watched some stuff online, no storms so no storm chasers. Played the free on Amazon Music Waitress cast album, but couldn't understand the lyrics half the time and was not impressed with the tunes or the voices. Mediocre.

Ordered some meds from Kaiser.

Watched Graham Norton. The now-adult boy band was pretty good. The guests were less so - non-stars pitching new movies. Plus the Laurel and Hardy stars.

I should probably replace the fans in the PC, but that's work. Have to open it up to find out the fan sizes & such. Power and CPU fans appear to be okay.

Plans for tomorrow:
After rush hour, drive to Los Gatos DMV and exchange the license plates.
Job hunt