January 30th, 2019


Another boring day in paradise

Insomnia in spades. Slept from 11:30-midnight, then got up and wasted time on the computer for three glasses of chocolate milk. Still had trouble sleeping.

The midwest got cold, but not nearly as cold as TWC led them to believe. But frozen roads were not being maintained, so not a good day for them to be out.

I stayed inside all day except to get the mail, fill the hummingbird feeders and admire the clouds for a bit.

Got one promising job lead, contract at Apple to test Android apps. Similar to one from last week, but different job #.

Also got a call from an Indian woman in NJ who didn't get it that the employer wanted a programmer.

On Twitch I played marbles for a bit but only 2 people showed up. I played on other streams twice.

Tivo time, nuked one Oak Island episode which was a repeat from last week, but there was a new one as well. They continue to imagine artifacts. They found a rock with a flat side and a very poor lidar image makes what is (to me) obviously water erosion look like runes, except no runes I have ever seen. The museum experts who had a rock with actual runes tried very hard to keep from laughing. The metal detector expert found what he imagines is lead bracelet. Looks like lead, but just a simple strip of metal.

They brought in the heavy artillery oscillating drill to recover a core which got dropped into the hole least season.

PTI as usual, and the season finale of Below Deck which magically ended with everyone being friends. The season started out with wall to wall personality conflicts, with one person fired, another quitting just before she would have been fired, and her replacement almost getting fired until the captain put her in her place. It's going to be interesting next season. I wonder if they will stay in Tahiti or return to the Caribbean. I somehow doubt they will have Capt. Sandy in the Mediterranean again - she wasn't very impressive, and it was more a stopgap until they decided what Capt. Lee would be doing.

No girl scout cookies - the app said they were not selling in Sunnyvale today. However I did break out the frozen thin mint box. The chocolate did not take well to being frozen for a year but it was still good.

Spook was all over the place today. She was on the bed when I got up at 6, but bailed when I took a pit stop, and spent a lot of the ay atop the guest room tree. But also parked in varies floor spots in the livingroom.

In the mail was the last prescription on my list $10.

Looked at motherboard/CPU/Memory prices. Also discovered that I actually do only have 12GB installed - 6x2GB. I thought I had 4x 4GB. My old CPU will not work in any of the current motherboards. Just under $700 for the parts to upgrade, using the same tower. Major job, replacing a motherboard. Pretty much have to pull out everything first. But today's boards have lots of USB ports and built-in HDMI so that's two PCI cards I won't need. Memory is twice as fast and half the price. I should wait till I have an income.

Lunch was chopped liver on a bagel. For dinner I heated up some roast duck and rice and made some sauce from Hoisin, sesame oil and fish sauce. Lamyay for dessert.

Cut open two of the passion fruit. Like a pomegranate - tiny seeds in the juice. Strained those and the juice was very caustic citrus. I think the stains on my shirt are permanent. Chalk it up to new year, new fruit.

Plans for tomorrow:
BB&B, exchange CO2 bottles & buy some more SodaStream syrups
Maybe hang out in the Starbucks across the shopping center