February 2nd, 2019


Planned Impulse Buys

It wasn't raining too hard this morning, the wind was only gusting to about 10mph so I hopped into the silver leaf and drove to Lowe's where they had a virtual forest of bare root fruit trees from the PNW on sale. I found what I wanted, a pair of semi-dwarf bing cherries, bought a pair of sacks of potting soil and some pearlite, and took them home. The trees were about 8' tall, I had to fold down one of the back seats to fit them in.

Against my better judgment I potted them right away, despite the wind picking up and a slight increase in rain. Already had three big pots from last year's FAILed pawpaw experiment. Only needed one bag of soil because the trees were packed in a column of wet wood pulp.

The rest of the day it rained heavily and the wind picked up a lot.

Before that adventure somehow I couldn't tear myself away from videos, and missed the monthly 10 am birthday party at the center. Probably missed out on the pretty blue-eyed girl.

No storm chasers on Twitch, played on FB a bit. Lunch was late and light - an everything bagel with salmon cream cheese, a bowl of honey drizzled blueberries and a Kind bar.

Watered all the indoor plants. Mixed orchid food into the last batch of water. Note to self: do not lick the spoon an hour later, thinking it was mint chip ice cream. Eeew.

Watched some mindless Tivo. The Match Game, Hendersons vet show, and just channel surfing.

Got to MV a couple of minutes before 5, Janice was already there, she claimed our meet-up was at 5, I'm sure it was 5:30. The Starbucks was unusually empty. After, I went next door and spent $90 at Safeway. Got everything on my list except GS cookies, they finished selling at 6. Tomorrow, will get some at GO and charge the car too. One thing on my list which worked better than expected was a vanilla scented Glad candle, which did a great job of de-urinating the air around the litterbox.

Am still super-happy that the PC fans are not moaning.

Mail from unemployment saying I needed to re-register my CalJobs account, which is stupid since I have been using it since December. But sure enough, there was a switch to flip which told them I am a claimant. And there was also a better canned job title to select. But no jobs I have not already applied for.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some Netflix, I have Lay's classic potato chips and my favorite onion & bacon dip.
GO, buy thin mints, charge the car.
Maybe start a batch of cat grass
Take out the garbage but not the recycles/cardboard 'cause it'll be raining all night