February 3rd, 2019


Pretty depressing day

Up at the usual time, but out of bed right away. The usual breakfast, failed to find anything interesting online. Plugged in the laptop to bring email up to date and charge the battery.

Just after 10 went to GO, bought 4 boxes of thin mints from the gang out front. It was rainy and windy so they had set up a table under a canopy. Three moms, six girls, but not all the girls were in uniform. Two were at either side of the front door with hand-held poster signs.

By the time I got the cookies into the car, a charger became available, the one I have not used yet, so I plugged in the car and went into GO to get half an hour of shopping cart exercise. I did have a list, but it was short - B complex vitamins, one qt of milk, sponges, chocolate mochi. I also got a can of kippers, baked beans. I lied. I actually had seen a posting by a friend for an easy coconut custard pie, so I also had coconut flakes and pie crusts on the list too. They did not have liquid DayQuil so I got the capsules. I've had a cold threatening since yesterday's gardening in the rain adventure.

The charger got the car from 63% to 90%, I plugged it in at home for the final 10%.

First order of business after putting stuff away was to make a lime soda, put chips in a bowl and open the dip and sit in the recliner watching anything except the farcebowl. I started with the Weather Channel, but that was a mistake, because they are in Atlanta, and they had at least 4 staffers around the stadium giving various forecasts and commentary. Tivo helped. The Graham Norton Show which featured an entire couchful of people I had never heard of. All local UK stars. White Water Gold got interesting - after almost killing two divers with their improvised rock moving equipment they found an actual pocket of gold, and hauled in a whole 3 ounces of the stuff. The old man thinks the last rock removal exposed a vein of gold, but we won't know till next week.

There were 4 episodes of Unfiltered Dating on MTV but 2 were reruns.

Not long into the day the chips got too small to dip, and I shouldn't be eating that much salt anyway so I tossed them. However, Spook ate the first two I threw in her direction, and later came back for the 3rd. Two is her usual limit of any human food except lobster and shrimp. Been working on the thin mints from the freezer all day before I open the fresh packages. Not quite half left.

Lunch was a Safeway chef salad. Popsicles for dessert. Mochi for a snack.

Broke away from the TV for some PC time, but still not much on there.

Put Nancie's coconut pie recipe on the tablet and put the tablet on its stand and made a double recipe (I had 2 pie shells). Spilled some salt, and the melted butter almost went flying. But in the end somehow I managed to bake two pretty good looking pies, but I'm so full...and they will taste better refrigerated, so that's where they are till tomorrow. Probably.

Somewhere in there I wheeled out the garbage bin. I did put stuff from the kitchen buckets into the recycle bin, but there was not enough to wheel it out to the street.  Started a batch of cat grass on a sponge inside a food container.

Dinner was reheated strogonoff, there is still one serving left. Thin mints and egg cream for dessert.

Binge watched Botched, I have no idea why. Sadism, I guess.

Finally checked the results of the farcebowl and they basically took the farce to its logical conclusion. Meanwhile my friends in New Orleans lit up their town in protest.

Ordered a sandpaper set and Nissan silver paint for when it stops raining and it's worthwhile to make the scrapes less noticeable. Also ordered some more socks.

Plans for tomorrow:
AG will probably call
Continue the job hunt.
Laundry - undies & socks
Looks like another full day of rain, so probably stay home