February 4th, 2019


Rainy night and rainy day and Monday

I wonder if the rain and wind had anything to do with it. Spook curled up amongst the comforter folds just beyond my feet as I was reading another short story on the tablet, and stayed there all night, despite my re-arranging the covers so I got some, and three pit stops. She finally bailed at 7:30 when the lights came on and I got up for reals.

NOAA says we got 1.3" of rain in 24 hours. Sounded like a lot more. The wind was so fierce that the rocking chair on my porch was wet - and rocking.

As expected AG called at 8:30, we talked for half an hour. Not much going on online except routine FB posts, I think I applied to 2 more jobs on LinkedIn and/or Indeed. The only email from a recruiter was for a programmer, and the one phone call was another latenick for a job I've already applied for. Very discouraging.

Email yesterday from Unemployment telling me I could go online and fill in a time card for last week, but online it required my unemployment claim number, which they have not sent me (it's supposed to come in the mail). Today mail did come from them, but it was an old school form to mail back covering the first 2 weeks I was eligible to claim. It didn't include a claim number. I filled it in and it's in the mailbox. Also delivered to the mailbox today was something from someone on a different street in a different town, and spam for the woman who sold me this place >5 years ago.

Breakfast was a piece of the coconut custard pie I made yesterday. It was very good, but the second piece heated up for 30 seconds was better. It has eggs and protein, but no fruit so I had a banana too. Next time I make that pie, and it will be a while, I'll only make one, and trust the amount of time in the oven which the recipe calls for. And probably use less coconut.

Lunch was some chicken soup from last year with matzo balls. Thin mints for dessert.

Watched a Below Deck annotated behind the scenes episode, which was almost a waste of time except it had notes about what the production crew does, and how they live while the boat is out to sea. And it mentioned there is a first officer and an engineer who are never seen. They whitewashed a lot of the drama, did not even mention the original boson who was fired, and just barely touched on the original insane #3 stew.

Back to the PC. The usual storm chaser was on at 1:30, temps went back to normal, roads are clear. Metal detector guy is digging in 6" of snow, and he got a boost when the most famous hitchhiking streamer donated his followers when he went off the air.

Dinner was strogonoff as planned sort of, but over spaghetti, and mixed with sour cream dip & swiss cheese. Yummy. Thin mints for dessert. There was a chip mint ice cream snack earlier in the day.

Spook has had bursts of playfulness, playing soccer with many of his round toys, one ended up on my bed somehow. Discovered it when I got the laundry out of the dryer and started folding undies and rolling up socks. 

Discovered that my go-to chef's knife got bent at the tip, ordered a replacement.

There is enough food in my fridge & freezer for a month. Maybe three. I need to not go shopping except for very perishables for a while.

Fired up Netflix and watched The Incredibles 2. Not as good as the first one in many ways, better in other ways. I really did not like what they did to Mr. I. Way too much angst. And I think they made his nose longer and sharper.

Plans for tomorrow:
Looks like more rain for half the day.
I really should get out.
Job hunting