February 6th, 2019


Jobs I Wish I Could Do

Up with the alarm, Spook started in the bed, left sometime during the night and came back around 6 and left when I got out of bed. I think she climbed on my arm once. This is amazing, before Spot she never stayed on the bed for more than a couple of minutes. She is far from a lap cat, but she's more affectionate than ever.

Tried on one of the new box of socks, but it was a FAIL. Too small, not the material I thought I was ordering. Rolled it back up and the box will go back tomorrow. Good thing I did the undies/socks laundry yesterday.

Recruiter call but it was a contract with Google. Email about an AV job, but it was coordinating construction projects, not something I do. A video editor job caught my eye, but it mostly showed me how far behind I am in that technology. It's a job I would love to do, but would need more OJT than employers give. I did find a job at Roku to apply for. No idea why I haven't gotten snapped up by them yet.

Text from my old Modis rep, who now works elsewhere, saying she knows someone at Microsoft who may have ideas. I looked him up, he's mostly in network security, so probably nothing will come of that, but I appreciate the gesture. Unfortunately all the people I worked with there were sold off to Erickson and laid off.

Delivered was an 8" chef's knife to replace the one with the bent point. Same brand & size, but not quite the same. Lighter, no handle guard. What's that called on a sword? The guard. Okay. No wonder it cost $5 less. It'll probably do. I really ought to Goodwill most of my old knives.

In the mail, finally, was my EDD (unemployment benefits) packet with my ID#, so I was able to go online and claim 4 more weeks of benefits. pre-tax it's $450 a week, for a year. That will cover the car, food and let me pay down my credit card. And maybe upgrade the PC. $11.25 an hour.

But I hope I land a real job much sooner than that. Like next week, maybe.

Also in either the mail or email was a notice from Lowe's Iris program that Lowe's is shutting down their home hub system as of March, and here's $100 to refund most of what the hub cost, and good luck. A royal PIA because I spent a lot of time converting from the Samsung hub. So the Samsung Smartthings hub is back in place, and now I need to pair all my switches and light bulbs and home theater to it again. Most of those things are controlled by Alexa and/or Google Home but I'll need to disconnect the Iris hub to see. The only things which showed up automatically were my Sonos speakers.

Also in the mail was a map showing what improvements are going to be made on the Intersection From Hell. They are talking about making a mess until Summer 2020. Looking at the map, they will not be improving the bottleneck where Ross Dr. meets Mathilda, and they will be removing the two surface streets I use to access Moffett Park Dr. and will be replacing those with an off-ramp from 237, effectively making my commute to MV impossible. And also bike commutes.

Breakfast was the last piece of the first coconut custard pie and a banana. Lunch was corndogs and cole slaw.

Tivo had a Below Deck reunion, the two fired crew members declined, but the remaining women were in red carpet dresses and makeup. The men not so much. The green eyed well endowed redhead looked stunning.  Also watched Oak Island, in which the brothers were told the big rock did not contain runes, but the "expert" was too interested in another paycheck to come right out and say there is no way the patterns on the rock were man made. To me it is clearly running water erosion. Metal detector guy found a coin, but they didn't clean it off. One thing these clowns haven't figured out is finding an old coin doesn't date the find, except to say how far back it doesn't go. Anyone can drop an old coin any day. And of course I watched PTI.

Channel surfing brought me to an incredibly boring show about game wardens in Washington State who harass fishermen and hunters and random people just enjoying being outdoors.

Dinner was BBQ pork on rice & mint chip ice cream. I also had a few thin mints during the day and a cup o noodles.

Plans for tomorrow:
After rush hour drop the Amazon box off at UPS
Maybe hang out at a Starbucks