February 8th, 2019



Doesn't really matter in my forced retirement what day it is, except on Fridays-Sundays there is very little hiring activity.

Up at 7:30, on the tablet till 9. Toward the end of that Spook reminded me she was hungry. This is bothering me because I spent a lot of $$ on Purina One kibble and on a food dispenser which pushes out a cup of the stuff twice a day, and unlike most food towers it drops into the bowl without jamming up. Spook seems to think the treats are her main food.

I need to do two things about that:
-Make it one cup a day
- Find kibble she likes better

Not much on the job hunt today, lots of Indian recruiters who can't read. Jobs all over America, all for developers.

In email was both younger sisters answering big sister's therapy questions. The universal theme was Dad loved you, but don't expect him to dance for joy about it. Or even show it. The truth is harsher - my father did not like or want children. It was a main reason he was engaged to my mother for 5 years and it was 3 more years before they had a child. But he loved my mom, and made babies for her.

No storm chasers were out today except the daily one at 1:35. Metal detector guy got a lot of my online time. I had a Safeway salad for lunch when I tuned him in the first time, and later he was hosting a marbles game.

No mail for 2 days. Hmmm. But in the park slot was an announcement that they were getting back to regular inspections on the 27th, which is insane timing with all the rain we've been having. No way are we going to weed or do any significant gardening, let alone painting.

Spent way too much time in front of the PC today.

Dinner was reheated BBQ pork & rice and some duck pieces. Spook stared at me until I threw her some duck bits, which she pounced on immediately. She also went ape with many of her spherical toys, on which she has played with so much over 4 years that it's falling apart. Golf ball sized, spongy material. She prefers the yellow one, the blue one is not as torn up.

Watched two episodes of Floribama Beach House, the finale and the reunion. PTI, of course, and I channel surfed to the Warriors post-game show in which the coach said the win was only because the team has so much talent. He thought the opponents played a better game.

PTI mentioned that the winter answer to the NFL kicks off soon, the AAF. I set up Tivo to record two shows which will hype the teams in the league,  and I set up a season pass to record all the games. This is full scale, not arena football, not CFL with its stupidly huge field and 3 downs. I'm skeptical, but IMHO the worst NFL-style football is a better show than any other sport. Basketball is too fast and random, so is hockey. Baseball season is over, and bores me to tears anyway. YMMV.

EDD had an online message that my first week's claim won't be paid as it is a waiting period. Which makes me wonder about the prior weeks they sent me a paper form for.

I'm also puzzled because Quicken thinks I have almost $1k more in checking than BofA does. I have not been able to find where the mis-match is. Not critical if EDD pays me this month.

Plans for tomorrow:
Water all the indoor plants
Toss the orchid in the livingroom which was over-watered and under-sunshined
Expecting another day of rain.
Find a place to toss my sharps. I think there must be someplace closer than Kaiser. Maybe CVS. Or the big Safeway.
Maybe make egg nog.