February 13th, 2019


Affairs of the Heart

Posting while it is still fresh in my mind. First things first.

Last night did watch The Bachelor. For a change several things went right. First thing is the two women were sent home who had continued to shout at each other even when the B sat down next to them to try to defuse the situation. They did not get roses in the ceremony and B canceled the cocktail party during which they would have had a chance to corner him with their issues. Second thing is when super-obnoxious pocket blonde walked to B's apartment expecting to be Ms. Fedex ("when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight") he sent her home. She was, from the start, all about winning the game, the prize could have been anyone. Look for her to resurface on one of the spin-offs, because she is super-hot for a miniature person, and provides hours of narcissistic sound clips.

Not a Thing™ but a thing, he had a fun one on one date with someone who may be his soul mate. The only Thing™ which did not happen is Southern Pageant Airhead was not exposed as the phony she is. A Thing™ which made no difference to me is the Tall Mixed Asian cheerleader/dancer sent herself home because she did not feel B could make a connection with her.  She was right, but after pocket blonde left she might have had a chance.

And in other news, I did go to the pacemaker clinic this morning and found out two important things:
Thing the first: My atrial fibrillation is gone, hasn't occurred since I started taking Sotilol. The pacemaker had nothing to do with that.
Thing the second: Without the pacemaker my heart rate wants to be ~ 40 beats per minute 54% of the time it's below 60. So the pacemaker is keeping me alive. Good to know. I guess I won't have it removed after all.

Cardiologist's office called while I was en route (through a major wind and rain storm) and made an appointment for the 28th, late afternoon.


Humpday the 13th Part 2

After the pacemaker clinic, down the road to Ranch 99 which did indeed have a ton of Lamyay, I bought three bags - about 5 lbs, some tangelos, limes which it turned out I didn't need, and when I couldn't find frozen egg rolls I went to the dim sum line and bought three and three fat bombs.

Home, a straight shot down Wolfe road. All of this in cold, driving rain with lots of gusty wind.

Lunch was the egg rolls and fat bombs.

Watched some Oak Island, deleted two because one was a repeat and the other was mostly blah blah blah "digging deeper". You know the treasure hunters are not finding treasure when they get excited about an unrecognizable thumbnail-sized scrap of parchment and drain pipes in a concrete wall.

PTI is less interesting for me as they are not covering the new football league and most of their news is basketball politics and off-season baseball negotiations. And (yawn) golf.

Dating Unfiltered was FFed for one couple because they are gay and one was so flaming I'm surprised his kimono didn't spontaneously combust. The hetero couple was a mismatch, an example of when a woman who considers herself to be the best at everything goes on a date with a mediocre man who sees right through her and beats her at everything.

Dinner was shrimp and mac but this time cheeses were mozzarella and American. Spook didn't like shrimp with cheese on it. I know she likes shrimp plain, will have to try that another time.

In the mail was a new mouse pad, palm trees and ocean, to replace the old & dirty clouds motif. Also the official 8:30 am EDD appointment in Menlo Park, with a form to fill out to say where I have looked for work in the 2 weeks before the appointment.

Skeechers wide shoes feel uneven on my feet, and the OrthoFeet need a shoe horn and are digging a hole in the side of my left foot, so I ordered a pair of New Balance Velcro-ish closure EE shoes on Zappos.

Two late afternoon job leads, one for a post at Apple for which I had applied. They hired someone else, and recruiter said the new hire got himself fired within 3 hours. That takes talent. Or a loaded AR-15.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay out of the rain as much as possible
Job hunt
There should be storm chasers to follow.