February 14th, 2019


Battle of the Job Pimps

Up with the alarm at 7:30, Spook climbed on me a bit so I went to the kitchen and gave her treats food. After feeling bad about her not eating any of the kibble from 3 different brands, I took a look on theTemptations web site and saw that the treats are as nutritionally wholesome as any of the other dry foods, and have the official cat food judges seal of approval as regular food. Collapse )
So Temptations is now her one and only regular food.

She will only eat it off the floor. Putting it into a food dish or tower makes it invisible. I have no idea why. Maybe left-over Spot-ophobia.  She used to eat from food towers just fine.

Back to the bathroom for my usual prep.

Lots of job activity. Many phone calls and email messages from a job pimp agency. They wanted to submit my application to a contract agency. The first thing they did was talk me down $5/hr, then sent me a "right to represent" email letter quoting that lower figure. That letter said they were submitting me to Accenture, the company which pulled the plug on the job I was supposed to have after Google. I wrote back that had I known it was Accenture, I would have insisted on that $5. The response was it was not for Accenture (their mistake) but HCL. Well, I already had a direct connection from HCL so I told them to shove it. I was also not impressed by the typos in their email or the pressure tactics.

Two other applications, one resulted in a phone screen and an appointment for a video interview next week. And yet another canned rejection message from Roku. I need to give up on them. Sucks, because they make the stuff which most closely matches what I want to work on.

Nothing in the mail, delivered was a pack of 10 filters for the cat water fountain.

A phone call from Miracle Ear, which I hung up on immediately.

8:30am call from AG, asking where he could buy valentine flowers near his work. The answer was Safeway on Shoreline was probably his best bet. And don't buy the stuff on sale at the gas stations, they are probably stolen.

It rained most of the day again, I plugged in the car knowing I wouldn't be using it.

At the computer, looking out at the patio of #6, they were outside micro-sweeping. That woman is crazy, she plucks every last stray leaf no matter the weather. She spends a lot of time behind my big Russian sage bush, which probably drops leaves and flower bits on her side.

Not much storm chaser activity - all the usual places were clear and dry. Watched TWC for a bit, they completely botched the story of the house races in Sasalito. Actual story: landslide knocked a house 300 feet down a hill into another house, both houses now toothpicks, firemen rescued a woman from the second floor of the top house, she was covered with mud. TWC story: A house was hit by a flood but no injuries and a woman was rescued. Hours later they got the correct story from the fire chief's press conference.

5-ish, got into bed with the tablet for 2 hours.

Breakfast was a banana with the last piece of coconut pie. Lunch involved ha gow and baked pork buns with a lot of lamyay for dessert. Dinner was a repeat of roti and Penang curried mini meatballs. I have enough of the latter for one more meal, much more than that of the roti. Dessert was cantaloupe chunks. Spook mostly slept on the sheepskin rug as I watched TV and ate dinner. As soon as I tried to take a picture she ran away. Almost.

And another hangout - this is the table I won at the auction, with shelving added for a top, and the place mats from the auction to add ambiance

On Tivo was PTI and then I binge watched MTV's ExOnTheBeach which, like the now finished Floribama Beach show, feature a lot of female flesh only nominally concealed. Lots of male flesh too but between my being straight and most of those guys way too tattooed, I'm not paying attention.

I've had four of the six bottles of Thai Tea from Ranch 99, not nearly as good as the larger canned brand from Wing Yuan.

Plans for tomorrow:
Goodwill drop near Wing Yuan, then to WY to buy some of their thai tea. And maybe crab or lobster.