February 15th, 2019


Plan A all the way

 Before  I went to bed I poured about a day's worth of treats into a small paper plate on the kitchen floor. Spook walked away, displeased that the food was not on the floor. I'm not sure if she has a problem seeing or picking them up when they are not separate. They are 4x the size of most kibble, and she has a problem eating kibble.

Spook was on the bed most of the night, webcam showed me she had eaten about half the treats on the plate, so yay.

I was in bed till almost 10, just following rabbit holes online on the tablet. I need to stop doing that, it messes with my meds, especially insulin.

The rain was on and off, pretty light in the morning. I dropped off a bag o stuff at the Goodwill trailer and then went to New Wing Yuan supermarket, bought 5 each of two brands of Thai tea in tall cans. Bananas, three almost ripe big mangoes, coffee flavored mochi. They had several hundred packages of egg roll wrappers and 27 kinds of lumpia but no egg rolls. I may need to go to Trader Joe's for those. So far the impulse is not that strong.

Home, put everything away, opened the one tall can of Thai tea to go with breakfast and spent some Quality Time online job hunting. Found three to apply for. No feedback from any of the ones I put in for. :-(

Un-followed someone on FB who responds to all my comments as if I'm trying to insult him.

The blinders on some people amazes me. A different friend posted a video of one of the new Congresswomen trying to grill Elliot Richardson. She was reading her comments, stumbling over every other word, huge pauses during which ER tried to answer her. I mentioned it was a shame she has trouble reading. Several people jumped to her defense, not seeing that the speech delivery was a total mess. Only one person suggested that it would have been a good idea for the Congresswoman to have rehearsed the speech before going on national TV. Had she been auditioning for a play, I would not have cast her.

I really hate it when someone whose side I am on looks that bad.

Watched my favorite two streamers. For lunch I had duck on rice with assorted sauces. Cantaloupe for dessert. Dinner was melted cheeses on rye, mochi dessert.

PTI, The Match Game and an especially good Graham Norton. For a change the musical guest was both DDG and quite the song bird. Reminded me of Anne Murray only prettier. Claire Richards.

Watched some TWC, I hate how they abandon their evening to reruns of vaguely weather-related canned programs.

Spook spent a lot of the day on the bed, she likes the comforter.

Just around dinner time there was a torrential downpour, lasted about 10 minutes. Looks like we got 2 inches yesterday and half an inch today. Always seems like more when it is happening.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing. Though I ought to find a Starbucks and use my freebie, since Janice wants to meet at Peet's this weekend.