February 18th, 2019


How plans change in the Wasteland

It was another horrible sleepless night. Spook was asleep and snoring while I couldn't make a dream take hold. About 1:50 I turned on a livingroom light, shuffled to the kitchen and made some chocolate milk, turned on the TV and watched Alaska Trooper or some such nonsense for about an hour then back to bed but not to sleep. Had a stuffed up nose which Allerclear did not help, pacemaker lump was bothering me more than usual. I probably got to sleep around 3. Up at 6:30. Back to sleep again till the 7:30 alarm, which was not accompanied by any lights going on. One diff between the programming on the Iris and the Samsung hubs is the Iris had the same morning routine every morning, Samsung I only did them for week days. I fixed that.

Lots of interesting videos and web cams online, did not get out of bed till 11. As expected Hgl was through the roof. Totally forgot to do my morning BP.

Breakfast was a banana and a couple of fig bars.

Brokerage announced the rest of my data was downloadable so I finished up my taxes. One expected disappointment is since I leased the car instead of buying it, Nissan got the tax break not me.

Bottom line is I am going to owe a pile of $$ to both the feds and the state, but I still have time to knock $1500 off the fed bill by putting $6500 of the $40k back into the IRA which I withdrew. Vanguard doesn't seem to have a way for me to do that online, they are closed for PrezDay tomorrow so I will call them Tuesday. I'll need some of the remaining $ transferred to my checking account to cover the taxes. 
Minimal streaming activity today but lots of stuff on FB to keep me busy.

Lunch turned out bland - added shrimp to ramen, did not use the flavor packet because it's too spicy. Mochi dessert.

My plan was to be at Pete's at 3:30 so I could do stuff on the laptop while waiting for Janice to show up at 5. Just as I started eating a pecan bun, she texts me that she is canceling, the boy (M) she was going to bring wanted to go to the movies. Can we meet tomorrow? Then she invites me to join them for the movie, but I'm not really interested in the 12th remake of Spiderman. Then she says back to Plan A.

So we had a 3-way conversation. M is about 12, he's a mad genius. Smart kid, but he has a temper. Which is why Janice takes him places - to give his mother a break. And apparently he behaves around J. He was just fine the whole time - he was on his very nice HP laptop, he types about 12,000 wpm, but he also contributed to the conversation. He wants to see a NASA or SpaceX rocket launch. J may be able to make that happen, at least the getting to FL part. His main issue these days is he is so far ahead of his age-peers that school is frustrating, he doesn't have friends, and he knows if he gets into a high IQ school nobody makes friends there.

Needed milk, so went to GO across from Pete's, then home.

More time on FB. Tivo had a Graham Norton episode to watch, I almost deleted it because the listing said Ricky Gervais was one of the guests, and I cannot stand his perpetual smirk, narcissism and general lack of actual talent. But as it turned out, he wasn't on. Instead it was four very talented people and a token Brit. Musical guest was Chaka Khan, who sand a mediocre repetitive song but had the most amazing backup dancers. And a very sexy blonde percussionist hidden way in the back.

Dinner was egg rolls found at GO and artichoke hearts. Lamyay for dessert, but the first bag was moldy, so that is in the trash. Took out the trash before thay, though.

Took my BP, kind of high the first time, okay the second.

Tweaked the Alexa app so she knows more of the items she can control.

Did some laundry - the sofa throw was still smelling a little like cat piss, but not anymore. Have to make the bed too.

Happy year of the boar.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much. Holiday will close down most job prospects.
The weather should be clear. Maybe I'll drive somewhere