February 20th, 2019


Long Day of Mostly Waiting

Up early, back to bed and up with the alarm. Banana, and I nuked some eggbeaters with cheese for breakfast. Set up my server on Discord. Interesting app, crudely laid out, graphics are amateur. Kind of a shame for something gamers use to communicate.

Phoned my broker, support person walked me through the cleverly hidden routine online for transferring $$ back into my IRA. Then I transferred some to my checking account to cover the taxes. I'll file as soon as the $$ hits the bank.

Storm chasers were out, one was testing a new setup, and he went from his home where it was too warm to snow, out to where ice formed on his windshield. The metal detector guy took us on a tour of downtown Albany NY and up to the top of Corning Tower which has a very high speed elevator. Nice view of the Hudson.

That got boring fast, I was saved by the regular chaser's ride home from work. One chatter is recovering from a heart attack, another was missing because her mom died after a long illness.

Put the PC to sleep and made falafel for lunch, and watched some Tivo. White Water Gold was its usual comedy of errors, but apparently next week they find actual gold. Maybe. An episode (two games) of Match Game showed total losers as contestants. Some people don't Get It™.

Lots of Facebooking.

De-pitted three mangoes, ate about half the cubes as dessert after lunch.

Did three loads of laundry. My laundry basket usually sits in front of the cabinet in the bedroom, but it's sitting on the bed now, and Spook is sitting where it had been. Of all the comfortable places in the house she wants to sit on the floor. Okay, it's carpeted but very low pile.

Had a phone call from a recruiter who said he had several manual tester jobs, but he lied. They all required coding.

Waiting for a 7:30 Google Hangouts video call from a screener at Google who works for the consulting company I would work for, I started The Bachelor.

The call came in on time, we went for half an hour, pretty predictable questions, nice guy. Non-committal, but I think I have a chance.

Back to The Bachelor. It was all win. With a couple of twists to get there.  He gave roses to two women I think are good fits for him. Then on a 1-on-1 date which included a visit to his house to meet his parental units,  he finished the date by saying he wasn't feeling it, and sent the phony Southern Belle beauty pageant runner-up home. I was so happy he saw through her. The final event was a group date where they had a steam engine ride into the mountains. First twist is one of the women who would probably have been a finalist told him she wasn't feeling it enough, and went home solo ride on the train. He did not explain to the three others that it was her choice. Made them nervous. He pulled each one aside for 1-on-1 chats, but no one got a rose (two roses left). Back to Denver for what should have been dinner, but was just the four of them around a table. He took one outside for a private chat, there was some giggling, and she went back to the group home with a rose. He finally gave the last rose to someone who deserved it and sent the shit-disturber home.

Next week will be visits to the homes of the finalists. I am rooting for one of the darker ones, but I suspect he will choose a blonde. Any of the four would be fine.

Watched the other Match Game episode, and it was almost as bad as the first. But not quite.

Dinner was tempura shrimp and tater tots baked on a newly delivered non-stick pan which worked great. Lamyay for dessert.

Spook has been eating the Blue Buffalo kibble I left on the floor with the treats, so I poured the whole bag into a tower and we'll go back to treats being treats and kibble being what she eats when the treats have been vacuumed up. I also brushed her for a while, something I should do more but she won't stay near enough. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing on my calendar.
I think a Starbucks visit is in order

Camel Day

Turned off the alarm and ignored the lights for about half an hour. Grabbed the tablet and opened the webcam app, could not find Spook anywhere. Getting out of bed saw she was at the foot of the bed, somehow she has a stealth mode.

BP was very high, so was Hgl.

Email included a message from Tesla, with a request to fill out an application and a job description which looked like a good fit. They are in Palo Alto, up on Deer Creek, which is out of the way, near the Xerox PARC location up the hill from HP.

Also email from a recruiter saying the manager at Apple who has more than one opening will schedule a phone call next week. Typical issue is hiring managers wait till they are overwhelmed before hiring more staff.

No feedback from last night's Hangouts interview. :-(

Facebooked a bit, and watched a couple of storm chasers but their streams kept cutting out.

Drove to Mercado Starbucks, lucked out with a close by parking space and my favorite table. And a freebie frappé.

Mostly just checked email, added my gmail to Outlook. Lots of pretty women, but around 1 pm the place was packed. Walked across the parking lot to Smoke Eaters and got 10 wings to go.

Home, set the wings aside while my regular storm chaser was streaming, as were two others. I can multi-screen them with a special browser page.

Tivo while I ate the wings. I am reminded why I rarely go to Smoke Eaters. They drown the wings in sauce, I prefer plain breaded wings.

Hendersons vet show,  which included some surgery and a field trip to a snake wrangler.
PTI, and an exceptionally oblique Mysteries at the Museum. None of the objects in the museums were the actual objects behind the stories they told.

Played a few games of marbles on one of the storm chaser channels, then ran a few rounds on my own stream.

Lunch was the wings and a tangelo. Spook liked the drumstick cartilage and small piece of meat I threw her, but as usual she had to walk away and then return later to inspect it. She loves the space under the big orchid, and would eat the plant if she could figure out how.

King Size, where I used to get my dress shirts, has a 50% off sale in progress. Logged in, and 50% off brought the prices down to twice the Walmart price. Not my idea of a bargain.

Delivered was the first of my Amazon subscriptions - paper plates.

Sourdough open faced cheese melt for dinner. Grapes for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
None, unless the auction catalog is online