February 23rd, 2019


Busy busy busy

Up with the alarm because I had a 9:30 phone interview scheduled. Cooked up a mini soufflé to go with the breakfast banana.

Tesla recruiter called right at 9:30, he was jazzed to get me on board, and it sounds like they need manual testers in several areas, including A/V. That only took 10 minutes, so I was able to get to the Computer History Museum for the members' brunch (more accurately a continental breakfast)  and the introduction of their new learning center. I don't know what drugs they were on when they designed the center, but the layout makes no sense at all. It would be a great place to have a choir recital, though. Prior to the demo, a new philanthropy rep chatted with me. I think I'm in love. Petite gorgeous Indian woman about 40 years old.

Noon-ish, drove to the UPS store and dropped off the Zappos reject, then on to the nearby Trader Joe's which no longer had shrimp egg rolls, but now has three varieties with kale. Gag me. They also stopped carrying Scherffen-Berger chocolate. I got hummus but did not find falafel. Need to stock up at the Indian grocery. No rush.

Home, put stuff away, email from Tesla HR asking me if 10 am Monday would work for a phone interview with the hiring manager, and maybe the team as well. Yup, that will work.

Followed streams for the metal detector and storm chaser, then printed out the auction catalog and had a TJ's cobb salad for lunch. Not as good as Safeway's, not as fresh, fewer ingredients, no fork.

ATM stop for $$ for the auction and/or a massage.

Drove to the auction house for the preview, lots of rugs which might do to replace the big one in the livingroom. One very pretty Chinese jar I might bid on but will probably go for well above my price range. Also some Asian nick knacks.

Home, watched PTI and Dating Unfiltered. Dinner was TJ's stuffed cabbage which was horrible. The cabbage looked drowned, watery, not enough rice to hold the ground beef in place. Costco's is much better.

Very sleepy, took a nap so I would be awake for the 10:30 pizza gathering in Saratoga. Spook parked herself at my feet. I slept till 9:30.

GPS in the leaf threw me off - instead of the usual route which uses three freeways, it took me right up the surface streets - only 2 of them - in the same amount of time and half the distance.

I hit the start button too many times and locked the car open for a bit, but holding the key fob near the button cleared it.

Poor turnout, this was the annual get together for a gang which performed A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine 20-plus years ago. The same person, a local playwright/composer/director hosts a pizza night there every other week at 10-ish, late enough for actors to drop in after a performance. I always lose track of which week it is, but for the reunion he posts on FB. I think they change their hours - only open till 11 now.

Home, after I parked, my Leaf app told me there was an alarm - half an hour too late.

Spook wanted treats as soon as I got in the door.

Took my meds and will head to bed soon, though I'm not sleepy at all now.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am auction
Storm chasers will be streaming
5 pm Janice coffee

Rugged Day

Up late - no breakfast but grabbed two Kind bars to take along to the auction.

Long wait for my first item - #100, which only took 20 minutes to get to last time took almost 2 hours this time because it was behind a pile of Louis Vuitton items which each had its own bidding war. I did get it for $100, which is the price I had planned to pay.

Then a long wait for #353, a Persian runner for $50. Then a very long wait for the Karastan area rug which will replace the main one in the livingroom, $70 (I was prepared to pay $150). Left the place to get $50 bills from the ATM, and returned for one of the last items, a cookbook for $10.

With the 18% buyer premium and 9% tax, it all came in just under $300.

I had no problem getting the small items and the rolled up 6'8" x 3'4" runner into the car, but it took two staffers to fold up and load the 12' x 8.5' Karastan.  I expected them to roll it up on the short end, which would have made it easier to unload.

Home, got the Karastan on the ground and unloaded everything else, then unfolded the big rug the long way and pulled it up the carport steps and dumped it into to laundry room. That was entirely too much work. It's on the floor in a heap, which Spook enjoyed exploring. The runner is in the piano room leaning against the bench for now. Beautiful green dragon jar (#100) is on top of the piano.

Just enough time to get the rent bill out of the slot and see there was no mail. Nothing delivered either.

On to Mountain View and my usual chat with Janice.

Home, defrosted two slices of pizza and had two mochi for dinner.

Watched Graham Norton which did have the disgusting Ricky Gervais, counter-balanced by Patrick Stewart and two oscar-nominated black actors.

The Orville this week was over the top in so many ways. Part 2 next week threatens to be moreso. Hopefully they will find a way to save the Earth from the robot planet's invasion. And the doctor's chronic anthropomorphism.

Plans for tomorrow:
Re-rug the livingroom:
- move the furniture off the existing, warped rug (9' 10" x 8' 2")
- roll it up and stash it somewhere. Guest room?
- roll up & set aside all the smaller rugs
- haul the Karastan into the livingroom and deploy it (12' x 8.5' )
- move the furniture onto it
- deploy the new runner in the livingroom
- re-deploy as many of the smaller rugs as possible, stash the rest
There may be a run to the landfill or Goodwill or both