February 26th, 2019

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Up with the alarm, banana & HB egg for breakfast and a piece of banana cream pie later.

No early word from Tesla, fielded four misguided Indian recruiter requests. Two geographically challenged and two did not understand that python is coding.

11-ish, went to have my nails done. Got Kathy, the owner & best manicurist. Done by noon. Almost went to Starbucks but decided with the storm coming up home was a better place to be. And it may have been. But the storm never arrived, just a lot of dark clouds.

Watched about half of The Bachelor before it was time for the regular Twitch streams. Lunch was a disaster. I poured some bleu cheese dressing into a small bowl to use as a dip, then put a dozen frozen popcorn chicken strips into one microwave and about six previously baked ones in another. The latter were like rubber, and as I was discovering that the former started to burn through the paper plate. Totally ruined. Put the dressing back in the fridge.

So Cheetos and pieces of lox and beef jerky and maybe mochi and banana cream pie made up the meal.

Email from Tesla, I'm invited to visit at 10:45 am on Friday. Meet the HR person for 15 minutes then two engineers for half an hour each. They said to leave the car with valet at the front door and sent a bar code to check in with.

Back to The Bachelor. Home visits with the four finalists. He told each mom and dad he was falling in love with their daughter. He seriously is channeling Og from Finian's Rainbow


Three dads said they could give him their blessing if he chose their daughter. One did not, and it was the only one of the girls who did not think she was falling in love with him.

There was a rose ceremony with 3 roses. He sent home one of the girls whom I thought was in it to win it at first and then fell for her own lies. I was surprised he kept the one who was still on the fence. She is also the only one whose pre-family time that day was a disaster. Turns out Bachelor can't surf, not even close. I'm still rooting for the woman of color. Her dad's black, her mom's white. The third keeper is a southern belle who lives in a mansion. She did not score a lot of points by bringing him to a Southern Gentleman hospitality lesson - he already has the best manners.

So I guess now he gets to spend a night in the fantasy suite with each one.

PTI was mostly not interesting, baseball contracts and basketball. And a soccer star from Sweden who has a Russian Jewish surname. And the Robert Kraft prostitution scandal, which my guess is manufactured by whichever PD claims to have caught him.

Tried to phone EDD to cancel my appointment for tomorrow, but they close at noon. WTF? Sent email, but they didn't have a choice for what I needed. I'm not going to drive all the way out there in a downpour to register for a class I took less than 3 years ago. Not while I have job prospects contacting me daily.

Dinner was Palak Paneer in honor of my CHM crush. Tofu in pureed spinach. Not bad, not too spicy. Thai tea Mochi for dessert. Somewhere in there I had some lamyay.

Printed the rent check.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the rain. Spook loves to look out the open front door through the screen door. She seems to have forgotten how to open the screen door.
Play the piano
Facebook & Twitch
Maybe bake something
Drop off the rent when I go to Bingo at the community center. Blue-eyed Russian girl will probably be there.