February 27th, 2019


Broke even but no romance

Woke up with the alarm telling myself I really need to keep doing that for my mental health. But truth is, I was fine with 5 hours' sleep last night, was really up an hour before the alarm too. All it did was make the day longer.

Banana & HB egg breakfast, there was some snacking throughout the day. Some lamyay -I took the bunches out of their wet plastic wrapping and the loose ones went into a freezer ziplock bag and the bunches into the veggie drawer in the fridge.

Next door neighbor lady (#6) is OCD crazy. Polishing the white trim on the house, and on her knees with rubber gloves on picking individual leaves off the concrete and putting them in a bucket. The wind is 30mph, it's about to rain, and there will be more leaves to take their place and more dust to smudge the paint job.

After a couple of recruiter texts, phone calls and email messages, took the laptop to Peet's, watched streams on Twitch. There was a very attractive Asian woman  sitting all the way across the room, looked like she was posing. Nice thighs. Expensive boots. After an hour or so she walked past me a few times, finally settling on a seat facing my back at the other end of the place.

Home, no mail. Watched more streams, and baited some friends on FB about the Cohen testimony. One fanatic can't grasp the difference between not believing his testimony and being an ardent Trump supporter. She demonizes her political enemies, clumps them together.

Doorbell rang on the carport, special delivery mail - the $100 gift card from Lowe's. Registered it online, will use it sometime soon.

Ran a game of marbles on stream, had a lot of players for a while, but they bailed pretty quickly.

6 pm drove to the community center, played a lot of bingo. won once, but had to share the prize, so $5 instead of $10. But I won a door prize that I didn't really want - an orchid. Not one of the species I collect, but at least it's purple. Probably a $30 value.

Shoes which were supposed to be delivered today were delayed till tomorrow. Boo hiss.

Got a call from EDD asking why I missed the appointment. Told him I tried to call, but they were closed, and email didn't work either. He offered a make-up appointment tomorrow but I have a doctor's appointment. He said I'd get something in the mail next week asking me to explain. Fine. He really wasn't interested in listening. Sounded like a man who doesn't like his job and had a rough day.

Dinner was baked beans with added turkey dog slices and for dessert the penultimate slice of banana cream pie.

Watched Oak Island, once again they are clutching at straws. And now it looks like they have dug so many cores the ground is caving in under the drill. PTI as usual.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Peet's again.
Cardiologist at 4:45
Try the Blink charger at SC Convention center or the Chargepoint one at Fry's.