March 13th, 2019


Bachelor Bachelorette update

Stayed up till almost 2 am watching the final finale of The Bachelor. The B screwed up the whole series by sending home the last two women instead of taking three woman to the next country for a week, narrowing it down to 2, then one more country to meet his family, and a final decision.

He managed to convince #3, who had bailed, to un-bail, give it more time, go with him to Mallorca and meet his family, go on dates, and see what happens without being concerned about the competition.

Long story short, a night in the fantasy suite changed her mind, and in the reunion she had the eyes wide open stare of a cult member. She has drunk the Kool-Aide and is all in with B. No engagement, no plans for one, but what she rally needed was time, and maybe better drugs. I wish them the best, but I really don't think it will work in the long term. Glaringly missing from this relationship was the one thing which endeared B to me from the Bachelorette he had been sent home from, and that is his devotion to a young cousin (niece?) who has a severe chronic disease. 

They announced the next bachelorette. Much to my surprise they did not choose obnoxious, sharp as a tack micro Barbie Doll Demi, though they did include her in the reunion panels. instead they went with Alabama Hannah, whose IQ is measured in Pounds Per Square Inch, who had come in, I think, 4th. Having too much time on their hands, they brought on the first 5 bachelors, and started the next show right then and there. Hannah had no clue what to do. It did not help that none of the 5 were particularly attractive or charming. I won't be watching this train wreck.