March 17th, 2019


The garbage has been rolled out to the curb, must be time to write something

This morning Spook had bailed by 6 am, I decided it is Sunday so told Google to tun off the alarm and Alexa to turn off the bedroom lights. Relaxed till 9. BP was through the roof, I should do an evening measurement. BRB.

137/62. Not bad.

Morning HGl was well within range.

Caught up on news, skipped the Thailand sites. Drove out to Baylands Park and bought a season pass, and watched the RC planes. There were lots more than usual, most of them huge. Only a couple of drones, now that Sunnyvale and the FAA has mostly made them illegal. I streamed for a while, but only had one viewer.  I forgot my camp chair and the benches are facing the wrong way, so I sat on the grass on the hill. My feet fell asleep, it was awkward getting up.

Nice thing about this park is the restrooms on the way out are open.

Home, got sidetracked by a recipe for banana cream pie, which I made, minus the bananas, when I should have been making lunch. Custard in the pie shell in the fridge, may add bananas and maybe coconut tomorrow. PNB&J for lunch, after a salad.

Watched metal detector guy who was out geocaching on Albany's new train track trail. The city asphalted over an old train line, added spiffy pine railings. Very suburban. No storm chasers, despite some midwest storms.

I went out on the porch when the clouds started rolling in, and streamed from there but no one was watching. Except Spook, who guarded me from the windows.

Tivo had started recording today's AAF game. News came on that Johnny Football, having been drummed out of the NFL and the CFL and after getting rejected by the AAF San Antonio team (he played for Texas A&M) will be joining the Memphis team. Big mistake.

Delivered was the replacement can opener. When I tried it out on a can of creamed corn, I discovered the can was already open, the lid was cleanly severed. Which means the hand-held electric opener I thought was junk was actually working. Much time and effort was spent rescuing it from the garbage.

Very warm in the house so I walked around outside. Two of the garden lamps were not lit, the rechargeable batteries were dead so I replaced them with standard ones, which lit them up real well. I'm not sure if the solar panels will turn them off when the sun comes out. We'll see tomorrow.

So, salad and 99 chicken and cream corn for dinner, mango chunks and sweetened condensed milk for dessert. Many of the mango chunks (from a huge bag of frozen ones which I set out on the counter around 3 pm) were not ripe. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, labs
Baylands park, turn in the season pass form (I put the camp chair in the car, also need to bring the selfie stick)
Job hunt