April 3rd, 2019


Lotsa Laundry

When I woke up Spook let me pet her for several minutes.

Stripped the bed, threw the bedding into the washer along with undies and socks. Dried them and did a load of jeans & t-shirts.

Put microfiber sheets on the bed - Spook helped by getting all tangled up between the fitted sheet and the top sheet, and couldn't find her way out.

The winter comforter has been put away and the all-season quilt is on. The comforter is navy with white astronomical designs, the quilt is all colors and matches Spook. So I wasn't too surprised when I couldn't find her on the webcams this afternoon, but found her on the head of the bed instead of her usual nest on the foot.

More than usual time on Twitch, there were two storm chasers whose windshields got smashed by tennis ball sized hail. Plus my usual chaser, plus metal detector guy.

Salad and sour cream herring for lunch.

Took the rake out of the shed and pulled out more weeds in the rose and front gardens, got a huge amount out, but those new ones are pernicious, the stems are sticky and they wrap around all the other plants. There are still a lot of stems & roots in the rose garden. I need to plant one more rose in there.

Peet's, read a couple of chapters in The Calculating Stars, which has become disappointingly uneven and the softcore sex is pretty juvenile.

Low Hgl episode set in despite the muffin and OJ, so I gobbled down a couple of cookies.

Home, took a nap to recover from the low Hgl. Spook did not join me, she mostly sacked out on the sheepskin rug.

Up just in time to stream at 7. Lots of chatters, and I went for 45 minutes longer than the hour I planned on. Raided the vegas stream with 4 people. Watched that stream for a while then made a salad and baked some popcorn chicken for too long. Note to self: Tartar sauce does not go well with popcorn chicken.
Mochi for dessert. Plus halvah. Egg cream now.

In the mail was a check from a class action law firm for $16 from them suing my contract company for exposing its Google workers to adult content. Pretty funny since viewing adult content was part of my job.

Yesterday's recruiter sent email asking for an in-person meeting, I said okay if it's this week, but then crickets.

Found three jobs online to apply for. Intel keeps sending me reminders to check out their jobs but all they seem to want are coders.

fauxklore gave hints on how to get to Griffith, I found the exact lines to take from Union Station, and yes they have baggage storage at the station. Thanks.

Added 3GB to my data plan so I can stream from the canyon on April 10.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
maybe start packing
ATM - deposit the check & get some cash
Maybe Target for body wash & shampoo & Starbucks
7 pm stream