April 17th, 2019


This will be short

Up at 7:30 with Spook encouraging me to give her treats. So I did that and then went back to take a shower & get dressed. Found a t-shirt with a pocket so I wouldn't need to do up buttons or carry my phone in my back pocket.

The usual breakfast but with mint tea.

Mostly stayed in the recliner or in bed. Drank a lot of tea. Snacked a lot. At one point there were 4 storm chasers to follow. Caught up on a lot of Tivo.

The Orville from last week was pretty dark. The final happy ending shot was a stretch, and did not follow from the previous few scenes. All in all, though, they are back to their core values, minus the sense of humor.

Lunch was salad and PNB&J. Dinner was leftover pizza.

7-8 pm streamed, got some trolls, then  nothing.

Afternoon watched the bees on the garden flowers. Lots of honey bees, not lots of bumble bees. Roses this year are huge. Lots of poppies, and the CA Lavender is attracting bees too.

Very hot this afternoon, may need to take the cover off the aircon. Spook has not been comfortable in 80F. Neither have I.

New slippers did not work without their heels. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS, drop off returns
Bayshore park?