April 22nd, 2019


Interview Day - with refunds

Banana and Kind bar for breakfast, played with the LeYa Thai Iced Tea k-cups some more and verified that they are just black tea - and taste awful. I have ordered another brand, and some more of the DeDe 1-cup instant mix packets (the latter are great, 160 calories).  Also ordered coconut water.

Up at 7:30 out of bed by 8-something, after the usual routine I took the extra "GE" switch and the two light bulbs back to Lowe's for about $60 refund. Went to Fry's and almost bought a Samsung switch, but realized I did not need SmartThings compatibility as long as Alexa & Google Home could talk to it. That saved me $35.

I do have a kitchen table lamp which is no longer remote-controllable but I rarely use it.

Home, watched a streamer on his drive from up around Sacramento back home to Vegas. Storm chasers were out but their signals were not holding up.

12:30, drove to Comcast for the 1:30 interview, but it only took 5 minutes so I sat in the parking lot watching post-lunch walkers go by. Much eye candy. Also much diversity. 1:15 checked in for the interview, but manager was in a meeting, he came out right at 1:30. Recruiter was wrong about the 15-minute check-in.

Manager and automation guy talked to me for the first half hour, then left and two co-workers took over with mostly the same questions.

I like the manager a lot. The rest of the team was kind of meh. But each person has his own role, so that's not a huge issue. We all got along. Not sure if I will land this one, manager said they will decide soon.

Called the recruiter and gave her all the feedback.

Home, made a late lunch of mac and cheese - used all 4 remaining insta-cups, but used cheese powder from a real Mac & cheese box. Threw that boxed mac away - too tiny. Still hungry, threw a piece of fried chicken into a bowl with broth and nuked it. Poor man's chicken soup.

As I was eating & watching some more NFL mock draft, got a call from another recruiter and set up a phone interview with a QA guy from a startup which makes 3D cameras, for 11 tomorrow morning.

Brought the garbage bins in.

The Nest seems to be doing an okay job of balancing heat & cold. Eventually I should be able to go with aircon only and douse the pilot light on the furnace, but not yet.

Spook has been walking under my hand to get petted, a lot, but still won't let me pick her up.  Vacuumed the livingroom rug, it needed it. Everything shows up on that dark blue pattern.

Dinner was salad followed by sausages on sourdough with mustard & pickle chips. Which reminded me that in England they pickle a lot of things, so telling someone there you ate a pickle will get a response of "what kind?" because they don't default to cucumbers.

Grapes for dessert. And an attempted egg cream, but the soda was too flat.

Watched PTI and NFL mock draft. Streamed from 7-8 and had one chatter from mainland China (just south of Beijing) and another from Brazil. Never more than 6 lurkers.

Maybe next time I'll have dinner first and stream later. Maybe.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am phone interview
Maybe go out to Baylands Park now that it is warm enough