April 26th, 2019


NFL and My Heart

After a breakfast souffle with halvarti and small slices of salami, plus a banana, it was off to Safeway. I wanted to go to the nearest one, but went to the big one because I got turned around. Too much of that happening.

This was a targeted shopping list with all the stuff I really should not be eating. Ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, fudgesicles, whipped cream, Klondike bars. And stuff I did need, strawberries, salad toppings, creamed corn, PNB. English muffins.

Home, put stuff away, soaked the strawberries in water with vinegar, which helps keep them from getting grey and fuzzy.

Went online. Watched johnotone and gary naese's streams, then john again. Yesterday he found a 1917 quarter, today a 1916 penny.

NFL draft started at 4, watched and ffed a lot. The ANALysts are annoying.

Expected my cardiologist to call at 5:15, but she didn't call until almost 6. She upped one of my BP meds, and talked about exercise, and having my GP take over my BP regime. Probably not a bad idea.

Streamed for an hour, several people popped in, no conversations ensued. :-(

Watched more Draft till the 4-hour mark at which time Tivo stopped recording.

Dinner was salad and a couple of English muffins with salmon cream cheese. Fudgesicles, an ice cream sandwich and a bunch of quartered strawberries n whipped cream.

Plans for tomorrow: