May 7th, 2019


Mystery Weather & Lunch Shopping

1 am thunder woke me up. There was some lightning, mostly blocked by the blackout curtains in the bedroom. Radar app was a major WTF - the storm was coming in from the east. ENE to WSW. That's just plain weird. The normal track comes off the ocean, mostly from due west straight across to the east. Later info is that the storm was bleed-over from the Sierras, the rain was only 3/100ths of an inch, and lasted from 1 am to 2 am or thereabouts. The streets were dry in the morning.

No bananas, so with the egg went the last pieces of dark chocolate covered tangerine pieces.

There were 5 things on my shopping list, and I kept to it for the most part and still spent $160, with two items not bought. Or maybe it was just one. Yeah, just Tim Tams. The reason for the big bill is #5 was microwave lunches, and I practically filled the cart with the one brand/series which I both enjoy and is <= 500 mg of sodium. Healthy Choice steamer bowls. I did cheat and buy one Indian brand of coconut curry chicken which has 600 mg. And a $15 bag of peeled, cooked tail-off shrimp, and a couple of turkey legs.

Now I have bananas and non-food-colored strawberries and strawberry jam. And the Safeway Organic natural PNB was less expensive than all the other brands, so I picked one up even though I have one opened and one spare Laura Scudders.

Safeway did not have grapes as such - they only had them in $5 bowls. GO had clamshells and I struggled but got a red seedless box. I prefer green. Less tannin. Both stores were out of dark chocolate Tim Tams.

This time I went to the nearest Safeway. I remembered the route.

Home, put stuff away. Did some serious job hunting. Email and calls from recruiters were those idiot pimps who don't know how to read. Tivo has been looking for someone to automate their QA, and one bozo wanted ever so much to send in my name even though I told him I am in no way qualified for or interested in that job. I spent a whole month at Tivo, which ticked his box.

Storm chasers were out in force, mostly in Kansas. Three of them almost saw a tornado form. Fab photos. But the closer they get to an electrical storm, the more their signal gets clobbered. Metal detector guy was at a new park, dug up spoons and many oddball pieces of metal. The usual chaser was on at the usual time with the usual chatters.

Lunch was salad and a sesame chicken steamer bowl. Ice cream sandwiches. Safeway was out of the mint chip flavor, but I still have plenty.

Watched PTI, Shark Tank and TMZ. Paused PTI to make dinner. Most of a stick of butter in the cast iron skillet, sliced a red onion (I found a regular onion later, but the red worked better, actually), threw in some minced garlic. Split the two halves of a trout, squeezed a lime over the pieces. Cooked covered for 5 minutes on one side, 4 on the other, and uncovered for a minute.

Whole un-pitted green olives on the side. Yummy! Left the head and tail for Spook, but I don't think she's interested.

Been drinking lime soda all day. Safeway had huge limes - I bought six even though they were 50 cents each.

Streamed for an hour. No trolls. Two chatters. Six lurkers.

Had a surprise garden visitor - monarch butterfly parked on the sage bush long enough to get pictures. I wonder if the nearby milkweed saplings had anything to do with attracting it.

Rider of the purple sage...

Did some gardening, pulled some gone to seed Bee's Friends which were growing up among the CA lilac. Cut off a couple of rose stems which were protruding into the street, trimmed them and put the flowers in 3 vases on window sills.

Plans for tomorrow:

More job hunt
Depends on the weather. It's been cold and windy and overcast much of the day.


Pre-hump day

The usual start, but at 9:30.

Watched some storm chasers, but they were hours from the expected tornadoes.

I remembered I had bought all those steamer bowls for lunches so I delayed my outdoor adventures and cooked one up. Broccoli beef. I am learning to tolerate eating small trees.

Drove to the library, which solved the problem of where to go which has people and good free wi-fi.

The down side is there's no eating or drinking. And most people stay in their seats, so limited eye candy.

But I was able to join my daily chat, and watch 4 storm chasers at the same time.

When my laptop battery was charged, it was time to pack up and go home.

On the way back, stopped off at Home Despot and with advice from a staffer bought an orbital sander, a very expensive battery and charger for it, and some sanding discs.

Home, remembered I already have B&D batteries, cheaper to order a B&D sander online. So I did.

Continued the Twitch sessions for a while, then went outside to get the mail, pull out some more gone to seed flowers, and spy on the neighbors.

As I was starting on the garden, an animal control vehicle parked across the street from my next door neighbors. The officer was a tall women, and eventually she got out of the vehicle and walked to the carport door of next door neighbor. Before she even knocked, the two dogs started barking their heads off.

I couldn't hear the conversation, but I suspect that one of the new neighbors complained about the barking, or maybe they complained to management that there were 2 dogs, and our leases limit us to one pet per house.

I went inside before the officer left, so I don't know if she took a dog or two away, or what. I don't trust Lee's English enough to understand if I ask what the officer wanted.

Nothing of value in the mail, but in the park slot was a flyer for Friday movie night - Romancing The Stone. Not sure if I want to see it - cheap knock-off of the Indiana Jones movies, and my rule of thumb is to avoid anything in which Danny De Vito has a role.

Tivo time - PTI and TMZ. Paused TMZ at 7 and streamed for an hour. Had several good conversations. Only had to kick off one person. Finished watching the last show and started Hostile Planet: The poles. Only got through about 1/3 before it got to be useless.

Dinner was half a mess. Fried chicken once again got overdone in the microwave and there was a tube of what I thought was a corn on the cob smothered in butter, but it turned out to be a paste of kernel corn in something vaguely butter-like. Unpalatable.

Mochi for dessert saved the evening.

Janice messaged, asking for 5:30 coffee Sunday, so I set it for Shoreline Starbucks and went online and bought a ticket for the matinée nearby at The Pear, which should get out, after the talk-back session, at about 5.

Got email from the CEO of a small startup inviting me to talk to him about being the first QA person for the company. I replied affirmatively.  Recruiter Babe phoned, she had a job she thought was a fit, but she missed the clues that they wanted a 1-man QA department which included automation programming.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home Depot - return the sander & battery/charger (I can still use the sandpaper)
More gardening
Maybe ask Lee about the animal control thing
Go somewhere with people. Mall?