May 13th, 2019


Sweeping up and Slices

Up at 6, back to bed, alarm probably sounded for 3 minutes before it woke me. Must be Sunday.

Hgl was almost normal the last 2 mornings. BP high but lower - the amlodipine may be working. Finally got notification that Kaiser is shipping my base insulin which should have been here already. I am down to my last vial. That's maybe 3 days' worth. They already charged me the $800+.

Took the broom out to the front garden and swept the globs of leftovers out of the culvert. Someone upstream was wasting water, now it can flow to the drain unobstructed.

Back inside, there was only one chaser streaming and he was on his way home. Took the phone out on the porch and streamed the roses for half an hour, nobody showed up. And it was chilly. Wind chill although it was sunny elsewhere. I'd gone out because there had been clouds, but they were gone by noon.

Lunch was a long neglected Healthy Choice fish and rice meal. Lamyay for dessert.

1:30 to MV, Pear Theater for the Pear Slices 10-minute plays. 8 plays by local authors. Three were worthy IMHO. The first four bored me, intermission was loglonglong because we had a totally full house and they only have 2 one-person restrooms. Big crowd is odd for a mother's day. Also awkward because the risers are not deep enough - if someone needs to get to a seat on the far side of the row, everyone has to get up and out of the row to let them by.

Betsy handed out roses to all the women at intermission. Class act that she is.

Three plays entertained me.

Mothers of the Bride included a lot of witty dialog as the biological mom and stepmom trade barbs while daughter tries on wedding dresses.

The Supreme Question replaces SCOTUS with a single artificial intelligence.
"Don't call me 'your honor'. Call me Mike"
"Because my name is Mike."
When the lawyer finally agrees to proceed with the case, the AI blindsides her with some pertinent information about tomatoes and cucumbers.

Mister The Bear
features a huge plush bear named Mister, carried by Brian's young sister. She wants him to sew Mister The Bear's ear back on. She comes at an awkward time - Brian is on the bank of a river where he has just scattered their mother's ashes. Their conversation reveals some deep emotions. The contrast between angsty Brian and flighty Cara makes the surprise Reveal™ very poignant.
The talkback after the show was all about the writers, who are all members of the Pear Writers Guild™®©. The one question of how one becomes a member of the Guild received a cryptic answer which was very close to "you don't". I've wanted to join for years, but have never found the way.

Plenty of time to drive down the block to Starbucks, got a mocha frap and an almond croissant, and waited for Janice, who arrived on time half an hour later. Too windy to sit outside so we sat at the far end of a long table indoors. I did most of the talking this time. Not sure why. She usually has a lot to say about the children of the AA members she mentors. Not this time.

Home, dinner was salad, creamed corn then Ha Gow and a pork bun. Watched some ESPN, saw the last 3 minutes of the Sharks beating the Blues for the second night in a row. After they got the score to 6-3, with a power play, they simply played keep-away for 2 minutes. Humane of them.

Channel surfed to some stupid adventure fishing shows.

Unloaded the dishwasher. Took out the garbage. Flattened and bundled the boxes. The bundle always looks so much less impressive than the pile of boxes did.

That plan to visit Great America's hiring event? The discontinued it, the park opened this weekend. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
There are indoor plants to water which I missed Saturday
Follow up with the Comcast recruiter
There will probably be feedback from two other recruiters
Research places to move to some more
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Saw this on a friend's page:
"A traditional blending of fried house cured pancetta, chicken stock, egg and parmesan with sugar snap peas tossed with our hand made linguini pasta."

Misread it as:
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The Worst Beef Chow Fun in Silicon Valley

Took the diuretic at 9 pm because I forgot to take it when I got back from Starbucks, which meant some pee breaks in the middle of the night. Woke up a few minutes before the alarm, and was in the bathroom when it went off. Google heard me when I told it to turn off. Both Google Home and the echo dot have a longer range than advertised. Which means I can also change stations on the Sonos speakers when I'm in the bathroom.

The usual breakfast, but I am now down to my last banana and HB egg.

It occurred to me that except for vacations, I have not had lunch out since December. There was a menu from a new Chinese place downtown, and it had beef chow fun on it, so I drove out there at about noon-thirty.

It's about a 3 block walk from the underground lot, but I could have parked closer had I known the lot behind the place had spaces free. Used to not be the case.

Fashion Wok. Typical Chinese menu, filled with small print and images on both sides. Hundreds of dishes. I ordered the "chow fun with beef" and thai milk tea. The tea came right away, half filled with those gelatin balls. Very chewy, yuk. Eventually the chow fun arrived. Needed a microscope to locate the beef, and the noodles were 1/3 as wide as typical chow fun and clumped together. I think they tossed the noodles into the water by the handful still frozen together. As many onion chunks as noodles, and scallions as well. But this was not a featured item, the place is more geared to hot pot, and I really need to go back and select from the lunch specials.

Other than that one dish, the place was nice. Clean, lots of tables, plenty of staff working together, no "not my job" spoken here. I got an order of their golfball sized sesame balls to go.

Back to the car, had to stop and sit in the plaza when my sciatica struck.

Home, just in time for the last 10 minutes of my favorite streamer. And some metal detector after that. Inhaled all 8 sesame balls. Yummy. They rolled them in granulated sugar, which made them taste different in a good way.

Before I went to lunch all three garbage bins had been collected and I moved them to their hiding places.

Minor gardening - pulled some dead stuff off of the rosemary up front, and moved some poppies out of the way of the two honeysuckle saplings, which have both grown a bit despite being shaded. Watered the lavender and other stuff at the front of  the carport.

Inside, watered all the plants.  Watched Shark Tank and PTI. Streamed from 7-8, several chatters but mostly lurkers.

Two episodes of The Zoo, then TMZ. Dinner was mac & cheese & shrimp & turkey frank slices.

Did some house research. Albuquerque looked great until I saw it is a mile high. I miss the USGS maps with the elevation concentric circles. So many trade-offs. Mendocino was on the list till I saw how close it is to burning forests. And so on. Looked up my house records, I paid $55k down, total price was $172,000. I still owe $100,800. Contacted a realtor who estimates the selling price at $220k. That would give me over $100k, enough to buy a house most anywhere except here.

Got email from the AI photo startup, pointing me at a series of exercises to answer. Full stop because they start with Apple OS required. Their new products are only on iOS. I can do iOS, but don't have any devices at home.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do the exercises which don't need Apple stuff
More job hunting
More places-to-move hunting - maybe visit my original realtor (email first)
Take the camera out to Shorebird Way, egret nesting season is under way