May 16th, 2019


One Less Nail Parlor

Slept in again.

The usual breakfast, but late.

Raining all day.

Went to the same nail parlor I have been going to since December. 11 am, not a lot of customers. Had my nails done by someone who had not done them before, but she followed the usual routine, and we were sitting next to the owner. Just before it was time to put on the final coat, she asked me something, but even after 3 times I couldn't make it out - she was wearing a mask and spoke very softly. Owner translated - she was asking me to pay for the manicure before she put the top coat on. WTF? I did, and gave her the usual tip, but that's the last time I'm going there. One always pays at the front desk after the work is done. If she was freelancing, it would be okay to pay her, but again, not until after the work was done. Time to give the closest place a try - by GO and Peet's.

Raining pretty hard, my next stop was going to be Starbucks a few blocks away, but there was no parking nearby and it's too far from the underground lot to walk in a downpour, so I went home.

Small salad, watched metal guy for a while, heated up a beef pot pie for lunch. Note to self - get some beef gravy to help that dry stew. The usual streamer drive home, but there were two chasers out. One was having issues with his gear, the other was heading in the right direction when I figured a nap would be a good idea.

Got in bed, Spook curled up by my head. She has been feeling poorly - barfed a couple of times this morning.

Missed my alarm - didn't get out of bed till 7, so if the chaser found a storm, I missed it.

I streamed for about 45 minutes, the usual asshole doxxer was back. We are pretty sure now we know who he is, and will be filing charges under the federal computer communications act. Meanwhile, I'm going back to just being a client on Twitch, and taking my streams to FB and YT.

Watched PTI and started recording Paradise Hotel which appears to be similar to the MTV house shows. It's on Channel 2 - Fox, I think. TMZ and Nova are on there for later.

Only one recruiter call, turned out to be a pimp, so I said no.

Dinner was assorted cold cuts, lamyay and an ice cream sandwich.

No plans for tomorrow.