July 11th, 2019


Indian Pimps FAIL

That consultant job I applied for yesterday? I received 5 more calls about it, all from pimps in India whose phones were spoofing North Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut. The job is with an Indian consulting company called Tech Mahindra [Mahindra is a Sanskrit compound word deriving from Maha (Highest Position) and Indra Deva (the King of Gods) from Hindu mythology and is also a common name]. The deal is TM pays a decent wage and benefits to place you in a temp position at a major tech company like Google.

Also in email was a rejection from Juul, which I interviewed for in late April. And the recruiter for that job with the Israeli manager who couldn't keep his appointments emailed an apology, she claims she dropped the ball, she was supposed to set up the video interview and put it on his calendar. The last no-show was June 26, so I'm not buying this excuse for a minute. I filed her email, no reply is also a reply - maybe in 2 weeks I'll say no thanks.
Same excruciating back pain when I got into bed last night, took 4 ibuprofen, which seemed to help, but wish I had kept that prescription for the anti-spasming drug  they gave me for surgery. Slept well, Spook started off on the bed but bailed early. I turned off the alarm at 7:30, and vegged for an hour or so. Hgl was good, BP a little high, but better.

I made a lot of adjustments to the Arlo cams, pointed the carport one further away from the #6 neighbors - those things have a very wide angle view, and the magnetic mounts are awkward to adjust. Was out on the front steps a dozen times moving the camera around. There's no good place to mount it out of reach but still see the face of the person coming up the steps, and doesn't see the rose garden (#8 neighbor uses that corridor a lot for her carport gardening). Arlo user comment page makes it clear that the software feature of setting up zones does not work, and never has. Even with a paid subscription.

One storm chaser out, en route from SD to NOLA,  metal detector guy found some neat stuff but had to call it quits when it started raining.  1:30, joined the daily ride.

Watched some Lone Ranger & Roy Rogers. Roy got beat up a lot. PTI over a Dim Sum lunch,  Are You The One? while dining on yellow curry chicken over rice. Added green peas, made it a lot more attractive.

Somewhere in the morning I took a break from sitting on the rocker on the porch** and prepped about a dozen lemongrass plants for rooting. Kind of weird - chop off most of the plant, leave about 5", snip off the bottom 1/4" and peel a layer off. Stick them in water. Wait a week or 3. There is a space in the front garden for them, I've grown them before but it has been years. **saw a couple of hummingbirds.

Forgot to play the piano. Didn't check the mail because the USPS delivery notice email said the only item was an ad for a children's camp.

Spook climbed up on the recliner between my legs to grab the brush. She won't let me pull her onto my lap, though.

I ran the Roomba, after emptying the bin and replacing the brush. I need to order more brushes. It did okay, but unplugged one of my bedroom lights and got stuck on the cord. Spook watched it, with caution.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pressure washer is due. If it comes early enough I'll set it up and try it on the driveway ramp.
Other than that, fake it. Maybe manicure
Expecting to hear from one or two recruiters.