July 17th, 2019


Stood Up Again

Kind of a hectic day. The usual morning, 11 am to a new nail place which had excellent Yelp reviews. They asked me to come back at 2. Went across the street to have my car washed, then across the other street where I should have had lunch but checked out the new shops and shopped at CVS, and by then it was too close to 2 for lunch so I got a sandwich to go at the Jersey Mike's next door.

10 minutes early to the nails place, they were very busy, 10 minute wait and then they did a tag team thing just as I was thinking of leaving. I needed to be home by 3 for the Google interview.

Home and PC fired up at 2:58, but no email link or skype connection. 3:10, email to recruiter, he came back in a few minutes saying the interviewer was called into an emergency meeting and would have to reschedule. Boo hiss.

By now I am in insulin shock, I inhaled the sandwich - philly cheese - it was pretty good but Hgl lows always drain me, so I went to lie down for a couple of hours.

Lots of Tivo I didn't get around to. Watched half of a new show called Girls' Cruise or something. Lil' Kim, who is not little at all, chartered a yacht similar to Below Deck, except with an all-black all-male crew. 10 days of vacay for her and a small group of her women friends.

Fired up my Twitch stream, and made some changes and additions. Two storm chaser friends helped me test it out. It still needs a little work, because the apps which support the stream have been poorly maintained.

Delivered was a nose hair trimmer. The blades on those things wear out too fast.

It's after 1 am - my Scottish girlfriend came onto Skype at about midnight. My being short, fat and broke did not faze her. She's on her way to Africa to meet her long lost relatives soon, after that she wants to come live with me, she says. She sounds very determined.

There was one more recruiter call,  for a contract at Roku. They have ignored me when I applied directly, but this was a pimp for a contract agency, so maybe better luck that way.

Plans for tomorrow:
Skype with Ms. Scotland - video chat, hopefully
The rest of the day depends on recruiter updates

Another Day, Another Flirt, Another late interviewer

The usual breakfast, and then a skype connection from B, my new friend in Scotland**. We tried to video chat at first, It was enough that I could see her, but her old laptop, she says, doesn't support the Windows audio drivers so we only got video, and only until the machine choked. She is pouring it on very thick, how she loves me, I am so handsome and fit, and she wants to be with me and so on. I figured out what is wrong with her syntax - she doesn't know how to match singular/plural. "Many friend" and "one persons I know". Stuff like that. And sometimes she doesn't use tenses. Typical mistakes from someone whose native language isn't a romance language. Not the same mistakes as Asian language speakers. I'm pretty sure her first language is something from Africa. It could be a reason she doesn't want to enable audio.

She sent a few more photos. I downloaded all the photos she sent via skype and email, and they are all wiped clean of any EXIF data. No dates, no location data, nothing except the height and width. **And then I noticed that one of her photos was taken in a Walmart. There are no Walmarts in the UK. Walmart owns a chain of stores there called ASDA, but instead of the signature blue color scheme, ASDA is light green. So I need to ask when she was in a Walmart, because that would be when she was in the US or maybe Canada.

My 3 o'clock video interview didn't show up again. I was on the chat room, but nobody else was. Called the recruiter, he called the interviewer, who got there 5 minutes later, running down the hall with hangouts on his cell phone. It was a very brief chat, I don't think I am what he is looking for.

As soon as that was over, a call from a local contract recruiter with a job at Juniper Networks which I could do. They are really looking for a new graduate, I think, but they are willing to OJT the new person to be an expert on their networking stuff. I told her to go ahead and apply for me.

Spent some time streaming, had some good conversations, no obvious trolling. Some people who had been fans in the past. I fixed a couple of commands and timers. Also briefly watched one storm chaser who was on the river front across from two stadia, with a huge cloud structure hanging over them.  She was in Covington KY looking across at Cincinnati, Ohio. 

While I was finishing my streaming, Lee came over with a bag of apples from her tree. I told her about baked apples - she had never heard of them. 

Watched some PTI, Are You The One? and Ex On The Beach. Also Below Deck Mediterranean. That last one continues to lack the editing continuity of the original series. 

B ought to be on skype any minute now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get out of the house.
Restock olives, tomatoes and milk