July 21st, 2019


Impulse Buy**

Slept okay last night. Scottish girlfriend email did not make it into my outlook - outlook wants imap, I guess, not pop. Was wondering why I wasn't getting anything in outlook from my firstname.lastname gmail account. Changed it to imap.

Spook was on the bed for a while when I got in bed, but left soon. She came back around 11:30 am when it was clear that I was not going to get up without a push.

Oddly enough, Hgl was lower than yesterday, still high though. BP was high. I lie - forgot to measure that today.

Breakfast as usual except this week I'm using eggs I boiled myself, which are large, not the medium ones they sell pre-boiled/shelled. Ate the last banana.

No storm chasers were out. Read all the news sites, all of them are all about Apollo 11. All the hoo-hah angers me, because if the moon landings had been so important, we would still be doing them. The shuttle was a joke, a very expensive and painful joke. ISS is great but it ain't the moon, and we're relying on the Russians far too much. Finally SpaceX is delivering supplies, but not people.

Watched some Tivo. One more Love Island episode, they tossed two people off the island by a pair of votes. People's vote (on Twitter?) for the 4 most popular couples. Then the 4 couples voted on which one of each of the remaining couples would stay. They voted the way I would have, but the producers broke up one very solid couple who had only been together 1 day. Not fair. They also voted off the phony Irish guy, who was a FAIL waiting to happen anyway. They kept the hunky black guy and the over-endowed big hair woman. I like her a lot, but she needs to learn to slow her talking down to only 1/2 a mile a minute, and pausepausepause early and often so the other person can get a word in.

No lunch. Snacked on stuff. Finished the Texas toast - the brand they sell in GO is way too small a loaf. Thick slices, but not tall enough. Salad.

Delivered was a package from Amazon with a mix of subscription and discrete orders. Kind bars, body wash, B complex vitamins and the cute water fountain. The delivery bozo threw the box onto the top of the carport steps. Got it on video. There was no way to contact Amazon to send the video so I posted it on FB and Twitter. I set up the new fountain and put it in place of the plastic tub by the livingroom window. Put the big fountain from the kitchen into the dishwasher.

4 pm Peet's, Janice was right on time. I was already into a pecan sticky bun. She is all stressed about the insane little boy and his I don't care mother. She has taken over a lot of responsibilities with the mom's kids than she has any call to do. She isn't related to them, and they have other relatives who would probably step in if she would step away. But she won't.

GO across the street for bananas, more salad leaves, milk (I had one bottle go bad on me which I'd bought at Lucky's).

Home, one of the things I bought at GO was a small can of crab meat, but once again it was minced and hardly tasted like crab. Used i in my salad at dinner time. I had also bought a couple of turkey pot pies, but decided to save those for lunches and instead finished a smoked turkey drumstick which I'd carved more than half off for lunches the last couple of days. Mango chunks had defrosted in the fridge, I drizzled sweetened condensed milk on them and squirted on some whipped cream.

Watched about half an hour of Live PD, and was once again shocked at how universal it is for the police to draw their guns when they are not in any danger, and how universal it is to put everyone in handcuffs and say they are "being detained, not arrested". That's BS. And there was one K-9 who was let loose on a man who was trying to get down on the ground but the dog was in the way. He had to be taken to the hospital for dog bites, the dog was totally out of control and the officer who held the leash had no clue how to call the dog off. I expect a lawsuit out of that one.

Spook finally came down from her guest room perch and figured out the new fountain. The dishwasher was done, so I re-assembled the big fountain and set it back up in the kitchen.

Streamed on Twitch for almost an hour. No trollers because I changed the chat room settings to require someone to have followed me for a week before they can chat. I'd relaxed that rule so someone from the storm chasers' channel could chat, but it opened the floodgates.

In the mail was a letter from Kaiser suggesting that my plan may have hearing aid coverage. I don't think it covers enough of the cost to justify the kind of high tech I want. But I'll call them Monday and find out. I do have significant hearing issues pulling out the signal amidst noise. There's some sophisticated signal processing which needs to be done in order for a hearing aid to do me any good.

I unblocked Scotland Girl from Skype. sent a message that I'm still waiting to hear her voice. I see two skype IDs with her name, different profile photos. Same alleged location.
**Bought a ticket for a 2nd row seat to see "Dorothy" playing Adelaide in Guys and Dolls in Sacramento. Also bought round trip tickets to SAC on Amtrak. It looks like a fairly quick bus ride and walk to the theater, though I may take a cab. Did not make hotel reservations yet, my favorite cheap hotel is no longer cheap, and it's near the train station not near the theater. I'm not sure about getting back to that area after the show. Have to look for places near the theater.
Funny thing, today the rude Korean neighbors set up the same pressure washer I have, and used it on their concrete slab. She swept with a broom first, lots of dirt redirected into the air. They didn't use the power washer for very long.

Plans for tomorrow:
Water the gardens
Maybe head to Baylands Park. There should be plenty of RC aircraft
Try not to spend any more $

Browser Cache Wipe Day

Too many rabbit holes built into my tablet's browser cache. I'd been using the Samsung browser so as not to see the same items on my PC's chrome browser. This morning I was so glued to the videos that I didn't get out of bed until noon. That's got to stop. So I removed the Samsung browser from the home page and cleared its cache. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will get out of bed with the alarm.

BP was high, Hgl was lower but not low. I had breakfast at noon, skipped lunch. But shooting up the breakfast time insulin at noon messed up my blood sugar levels later on.

I unblocked Scottish African girlfriend from Skype because she amuses me. She finally asked for $$ - she wanted me to pay her cell phone data account while she was in Africa. That's a pretty transparent way to steal my credit card info, so I told her no. her reply was in the most broken English ever. And she still won't talk to me by voice. I used to be able to do a pretty good Desmond Tutu. It's been a while, though.

Two storm chasers were driving towards storms, I think in KS, but they were hours away. I streamed for about an hour, setting up a few slide shows of my photos. One of the moderators for the storm chasers came on to let me know Marcus was harassing two of them today. I sent her the sheriff's info to pass along to the streamers.

Still have not found a weather overlay for my stream.

Went out to Baylands park, the wetlands are all dried up and look like salt flats. No wildlife to speak of. Wind was at about 30 mph for the first hour, but the sun was out and it wasn't too cold. Around 4 pm the wind died down and several drones showed up. There had been five or more picnic parties which were winding down when I arrived.

I'm reading a free sci-fi book on the Kindle app - Girl from the Stars Book 1- Daybreak by Cheree Alsop . It's pretty good, lots of action. Well defined heroine and two or three other characters. Not so well defined is the where are we in the universe info. Easy to read, with convenient pause points. It already has covered the equivalent of two short sequels. Depending on where it goes I may buy the next book.

Read from the tablet's Kindle app, took myself home around 5 or so. Blood sugar was low -78 - so I scarfed up 3 mochi.

Watched enough LivePD to once again be thoroughly disgusted with the gun-jerk reactions of the cops in any and all situations. Nothing else new on Tivo and I'm tired of Roy and Lone.

Dinner was salad and then a couple of breaded chicken drumsticks and some won tons in water with chicken bullion because I had left the box of broth on the counter for a week and it was a strange color & smell. 

Normally Scottish girl would be on Skype by now, but Ghana is one hour difference from Scotland - last night she messaged me at 1:30 am my time.

Impulse city: ordered some more carnivorous plants. Been seeing tiny insects, too small for the pitcher plants or flytraps, and my drosea have all died.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning drill
Call Kaiser about hearing aid coverage (they sent a letter)
Hopefully some job results will come in
Watch metal detector guy's stream