July 22nd, 2019


More Sunday

Refilled the hummingbird feeders. Used a few drops of blue food coloring.

Call from my High School girlfriend. She is n the hospital. She was moving a chair, and the shelving it was against fell onto her. Ouch. She sounded chipper and we gossiped a bit. She lives in a tiny town in Idaho near some of her kids.

Monday Madness

Slept through the alarm - actually turned it off by voice almost in my sleep and the next thing I knew it was 8:30. No rabbit holes, though. Scottish African girl (Tutu) skyped soon after, we chatted a little. I told her I'm not sending $ for her phone account. She argued a lot, as expected. She said she did get to visit her father's grave with a bunch of cousins, which was her reason for flying to Ghana. Her English continues to suck. She promises to have her microphone fixed, but I'm sure that's a scam.

Right away I was barraged with recruiters pimping the Roku and Google jobs I've already applied for. Since I have not heard back from the interview last week or the promised interview, I told two new pimps to sign me up. This time the contract agency they pimp for is HCL, which has a good reputation and I've been by their HQ near the Svale library. One pimp promised an interview today between 2-5 pm for the Google job but it never materialized. Another actually landed an invitation to the Roku interview for tomorrow at 2 pm. I'd much rather work there than Google.

Took in the garbage - one bin in the morning the other in the afternoon. Lee again complained that I'm not heading the roses correctly.

Spook had a lazy day. Most of the morning she was atop the guest room tree, all afternoon she was curled up in the middle of my bed. Dinner/TV time she came out to splay on the livingroom rug and now she is watching out the livingroom window.

The webcam in the livingroom died yesterday - the one which looks from the hallway toward the piano room. There's another one over the windows which shows the recliner and sheepskin rug. Plugged the dead one directly into the router and found it worked fine wired, but the wifi NIC was dead. That's the second or third time this has happened on a Foscam unit. I have a spare, but it's a different model and has too many features. I may hook it up there, maybe. It had been in the kitchen, where the wide view was not useful, but it might be good in the livingroom. Meanwhile the tool from Foscam to discover their cameras is not working. :-(

Hummingbird is okay with the blue water:

And Spook probably wants her plain plastic still water trough back

I've only seen her drink out of it twice, and she doesn't dip her paw in it, she just drinks from the stream. Maybe this one should be in the kitchen and the big one in the kitchen should be here.

All the phone calls and email made it crazy, lunch finally was a pair of PNJ&B sandwiches on Healthnut bread and a small salad at about 1:30. Fruit & whipped cream for dessert.

[Talay Thai radio is playing Eternal Flame by The Bangles. I have the album. Bought it in 1988 or 9 when I was working for HP. Had a big argument with one of my team members who insisted it was Debbie Gibson]

Deleted all the B&W programs from Tivo. Watched the new To Tell The Truth which had mostly loser candidates, but the judges were two hot babes and Kareem AJ. And some clown named Tom Lennon who is unknown to imdb. Oh wait, he was in Reno 911. He lost. Zero points.

PTI was watchable again, Tony was back. Skipping TMZ for now.

Steamed two big and one small BBQ pork buns for dinner, grapes for dessert.

Streamed for an hour, Marcus was at it again, creating accounts with variations on my name for about 10 minutes. He can't post anything though. I spent too much time reporting and blocking the bogus accounts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully follow up from Google interview guy
Roku contract agency interview
Pack for Sacto