July 30th, 2019


Quiet on the Western Front

6 am text from a NJ recruiter whom I'd told not to contact me until 9 my time. Ignored it. Back to sleep after a pit stop. Up at 8:30, my usual morning routine then emailed her my resume and we made an appointment for a phone chat at 11. This time she got the time right.

She had an interesting but very short term opportunity. 2 weeks' training, 4 weeks' work. Training is 40 hours at 2/3 $$ and actual project is full price, up to 60 hours a week. It's about 2 miles from home. She forwarded my resume, expecting quick feedback as the job would start in 1.5 weeks.

Another recruiter call, for YouTube. All in all 4 recruiter contacts for that one. The last guy was flabbergasted that he was not first. Those Indian pimp machines all think they have first dibs.

There were storm chasers to watch. Grilled cheese for lunch, turkey pot pie for dinner. Finished off the apple pie.

Made a nails appointment for tomorrow.

Watched Love Island, Live PD, Below Deck. The yacht is a mess. They need to exchange Jack and the new stew for a working model of each, put Travis on a sane schedule so he knows when he is on deck and when he is in the galley.

Streamed for an hour 4-5 with no chatters but a couple of legit followers.

Delivered was:
heavy guage toenail clippers which look like dykes
A dozen 4 oz and a dozen 7 oz plastic spice bottles
All my insulins (3 month supply, $12 for the fast acting pens and $12 for the slow acting vials)
Sharps container
2 100-packs of BD alcohol swabs

Only went outside to get the mail and unplug the car.

Janice asked me to come over Thursday to set up the router I gave her. I don't know why she thought she could do it herself. She's basically allergic to electronics. She also messed up her phone so she doesn't get a keyboard for text messaging, just the microphone.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent
ATM for $$
Manicure at 2
Massage after ?
Safeway surgical strike