July 31st, 2019


Busy Day, Rubbed the wrong way twice

Listening to Fung Fung Fung (ฟังฟังฟัง) from TuneIn Radio on my 5 Sonos speakers. It's really Fahng not Fung, but Thai transliteration sucks lemons through a garden hose. It has been my fave Thai station for a while, but has been off the air recently, or at least off of TuneIn. Took me a while to find it again.
The usual breakfast. Ate the last HB egg, down to 3 bananas.

Recruiter called with the same job I applied for yesterday. He wouldn't listen to me at all, insisted that I should have had an interview by now, and he could get me one today, so I said go ahead represent me.**

Walked to the community center, dropped off the rent, and coffee klatch people waved me over to a table so I chatted for about 10 minutes. Discovered that a Chinese woman I liked is married. :-(

Back home, read up on the Gilroy thing, most of the early reporting was indeed fake news. Police still are stonewalling, media is still working on unofficial reports and rumor.

1 pm, BofA ATM for some cash, then CVS for Polident and toenail fungus stuff. The parking lot was freshly oiled and cordoned off, had to park 100 yards away and navigate the sidewalk.

Across the street to the nails place, they were ready for me. Very pretty young woman did the honors and chatted with me. She also chatted in Vietnamese with her co-workers. Very clear enunciation, if I spoke the language I'd have understood. Most places they speak too softly. $30, $5 less than my local place and $7 less than the one by Google.

Next door to get a massage, another pretty young woman, but she kept the towel in place the whole time and didn't touch me where I wanted her to. And she spent too much time pressing the pressure points on my calves. Maybe I'll try another place tomorrow. Have to check what's in MV.

**Checking my phone, recruiter called 5 times in 3 minutes. No message. Allegedly in NJ, it would have been past closing time for him by an hour.

On to Safeway where I only bought one thing not on my list (a couple of slices of Black Forest Cake) but still managed to spend $70. No bagger, and cashier did a crappy job, I had to rearrange things when I got to the car.

Home, passed by what had been Olsen's Cherry Stand for 40 years, it is now a Starbucks. Did not check to see what's in the large space Starbucks had been in at the other end of the parking lot. Wanted to stop at Trader Joe's, but had frozen stuff in the car, and it was 85°.

Put stuff away, **emailed recruiter that he needs to leave voicemail or texts. He texted and I phoned him. Turns out he lied about the same day interview, his manager asked him to ask me to email something about my HTML experience, but that's already in my resume. I tried to tell him that anyone at YouTube would know from my resume that I had the skills they needed, but he would not let me get a word in edgewise, so I hung up and rescinded his right to represent me. I still have the other agency working on it for me, I don't need to work with liars and idiots.

No other job prospects or follow-ups today.

Ported all the opened spices to jars, and applied address label labels, which did not stick well. Not enough jars, so I ordered some larger ones and also waterproof, stronger adhesive labels. To be continued. Meanwhile all the jars (12 7-oz and 8 4-oz) are in the liquor cabinet for now.
Watched Love Island and Exes on the Beach. And PTI. Which I FFed through a lot since it was mostly baseball trades.

Shrimp spring rolls and mixed veggies for dinner, black forest cake for dessert.

Streamed for 45 minutes. Many new legit followers, no trolls.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get out of bed on time.
11 am to Janice's to set up her router & then she'll take me to lunch.
Maybe another massage
Maybe make Nancie's strawberry icebox pie recipe. Or not - I don't think I have room in the fridge for it.
Stream a little
There may be storms chased