August 26th, 2019


Bar None

After scanning all my pop CDs into excel with the pretty good bar code scanner, I went onto three web sites and uploaded the codes for the first 50, and the bottom line is most of the discs are overstocked and one site would only buy two of them, for $5, another site would buy about 30 for $7. Costs more than that to mail them. So maybe I'll just keep them.
Why was I in bed till noon? It messed me up again. Have to cure that tomorrow.

Email from the LV park, they want to sell the house I'm interested in before I will have the $$, but I'll put down a deposit anyway, to be used against whatever house comes in at the right time.

Spent most of my free time barcode scaning. :-(

Watched my usual streamer while eating a 5-grain beef lunch. Streamed from 6-7, nobody chatted but up to 7 people lurked.

Spook annoyed me till I brushed her.

Safeway pizza for dinner. Spook was curious, and when I held out a crust she swiped at it with her paw, so I broke off a piece and tossed it to her. She munched on it a bit then picked up, took it to the other side of the livingroom, and finished it off. She did not ask for seconds.

Squirted some whipped cream into my mouth for dessert.

$$ from the broker has not transferred.

FB continues to be filled with people who worship Obama, and don't remember what a putz he was his first 2+ years. Or that he is half white, was raised by whites and was the son of an absentee Muslim who had multiple wives and children. I make no value judgment on anything except his record.

Writing a note to the astronomical society asking when I can unload my telescope gear on them.

Uploaded the last model shoot & Vegas pix to Flickr

Plans for tomorrow:
Similar to plans for the last 3 days, except actually get it done.
Tuesdays at 2 (at 11 Pacific) with Nancie on FB
Stream 6-7