August 30th, 2019


Taking My Sciatica Out For Walk

Up and dressed by 9, the usual breakfast. Read all the news pages, then streamer guy was on early. grabbed my camera and headed south to Almaden Lake Park, GPS took me to the boring side of the lake, I drove around to the other side after seeing there was no good way there by foot. Bicycle would have worked.

Other side was less boring, but still not the wildlife fest I expected. took some photos. Mostly of scenery, plus a bunch of rodents posing like prairie dogs.

It hurt a lot to walk. Serious sciatica. And it was hot. Shady benches and picnic tables FTW. It was very pretty, but the lake is closed, mercury poisoning and an excuse for SJ to not spend $$ on their people. No concession stands open but the restrooms were. Some people fishing and will probably eat the glow in the dark fish. Two fisherfolk were feeding the ducks and geese, contrary to all the posted signs.

Some traffic both ways but avoided the worst of the rush hour, and used the commuter lanes.

Home, uploaded the photos. Email from realtor with the park's inspection checklist, much of it was bogus. The house does need a wash. And there's junk behind the house & shed which need to be taken away.

And then the manager called me thinking somehow that I had already moved (he saw me yesterday!) in a panic about me signing forms to let him release the place to new owners. Nobody has even seen the house yet. I told him next week.

Streamed for an hour, only one chatter until two joined literally at the last minute.

Dinner was a production. Two sourdough English muffins halved, toasted and buttered. Four fresh eggs sunny side up on top and a thin slice of Velveeta on top of that. Yummy. Root beer float for dessert.

Two TMZ episodes, started PTI but it was two stand-ins, so nuked it.

Watched some TWC, they will have Dorian as a Category 12 by Monday, I swear.

USPS tracking says the deposit check was delivered around 4:30.

Online - found ways to get Spook to LV. None of them are cheap. Southwest needs her in a small carrier under the seat, for $450. I don't think she will fit. And carrying her through security is not an option. Ground transport is either $900 or $1800, hard to tell from what one place sent.

Washed a load of shirts. Will dry them when it cools off.

On the advice of my Hgl meter software, only shot up half my usual night time dose. Ben way high the last couple of mornings.

Plans for tomorrow:
More t-shirts to Goodwill. Check to see if they are open.
Saturday is a bad day to go to the SMART station. Do that Tuesday
Look for junk removal services.