September 1st, 2019


Another quiet day in paradise

Woke at 7:30 dressed by 9, banana & egg breakfast. Drive E backup done before 7, only 1GB.

Lots of FB to read, also looked at Twitter, which has too much Captain Sandy stuff.

Out to GO to charge the car and buy some bananas and salad greens. Milk too. Only got to 90% charge in half an hour so hit it again and went to Peet's for an OJ and eye candy.

Home, put stuff away, made a salad for lunch. the rest of lunch was lox (impulse buy at GO).

Watched Nathan, one of the main storm chasers. He parked by the beach in Jensen Beach, FL but was told to evacuate. Local law dweebs were two days premature. He moved to Velo Beach. As usual, the forecasts were way off base, Sunday landfall is now Tues or Wed.

Two other chasers were in the area. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be mostly holding pattern.

Watched TWC a lot. Mostly because I have nothing recorded on Tivo except the San Diego zoo show, which isn't anywhere near as well done as the Bronx zoo show was.

Found a web site which would broadcast my need to get Spook delivered to LV, and had five texts. Needless - they also email and you have to log into the web site. $350-$450 price range. But only one has any experience. But it gives me hope.

Wanted to make an appointment to see my doctor, but she's away till Thursday, and that's termite day.

Sent Janice a long email message catching her up on the move. She went on vacation before I flew to LV.

Did a dishwasher load. Not everything fit.

The salad bowls I thought were too small and was going to donate turn out to be just fine. And pretty too.

Streamed 6-7. New chatters, one from the storm chasers, one who signed up and waited a week. The hour went quickly.

Green curry chicken over rice for dinner, ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Earlier a just right for one packet of chocolate cake mix lept into my hand from the box of 10 which found its way into my GO cart. 3 Tbsp milk in a coffee cup, 1:10 in the microwave. Perfect. Delicious.

Took out all the garbages. On my way back I watered the carport plants. One of them looked strange. A spiky plant as tall as the yellow yarrow-like flowers growing up inside its little planter square. Untangled the two, and yanked out this giant weed.

Still watching TWC.

Plans for tomorrow:
Other than bringing in the garbage and watching storm chasers - nothing.