September 6th, 2019


Firefox, junk, battery replacement

While I was still in bed there was email that the laptop repair toolkit had been delivered. Arlo recording shows the guy did not ring the doorbell, he did take a picture. Retrieved the tool kit, set it aside for later.

The usual morning except no HB eggs so I cooked up some oatmeal.

The 5.5 torx driver in the kit was the answer, I was able to remove the back, somehow lost the same two screws. Replacement was easy, fired up right away. Plugged it in, it charged from 25%.   

Collected and bagged as many electronics pieces as I could, and made several trips to the car to put them in the trunk. Relaxed, had a salad but no actual lunch. Daily streamer is no longer working Fridays, I guess, so watched a bit of the main storm chaser en route to KC. Breath caught, unplugged the laptop because lithium batteries have a bad way of exploding, drove to the SMART station, and transferred a small TV, an old flat screen monitor, a Nintendo Wii and 5 or 6 bags of misc. electronics and wires to the recycle bins.

GO on the way home, charged the car, bought salad stuff, chocolate covered Twinkies, Aunt Jemima instant pancakes in a cup. Home, watched some more streamer. Tivo had PTI and Ex on the Beach. And tuned to TWC. They need to cure themselves of standing in the rain. It's stupid and not healthy.

Plugged the laptop back in, it took a full charge. We'll see how well it maintains it.

Salad and falafel for dinner. Chocolate cake in a cup topped with a scoop of chip mint and whipped cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Park monthly birthday/anniversary party. Will spread rumors I am moving.
Goodwill run?
Watch storm chaser(s)