September 8th, 2019


Appraisal inspection, MV festival

Remembered to eat the banana this morning. 10-ish drove to the only park & ride for light rail, which is now the last stop before the end of the line. Plenty of parking, I arrived just after the train left, but that's okay I was half an hour early anyway.

Needed a rest room but there aren't any at the train station. Found porta potties a few blocks away at the MV beer & wine festival. By then I didn't need one. Waked back to the start of the fest and texted Janice where to find me. Checked my outdoor cameras, and saw the inspector had pulled into the carport but he went to the front door and rang the bell. The instructions were for the house to be vacant when he got there, so WTF? And he also was supposed to use the carport door, which has a keypad and he was given the code by the realtor. Texted the realtor, she took care of it.

The Arlo cameras suck - they don't start recording until about 20-30 seconds after motion is detected, and they don't continue recording while there is motion, so I never saw if he got inside, or if he went out any of the doors. I did see him drive away after an hour so texted realtor to ask if he did what he needed to do and she said yes.

Janice wanted to have lunch right away, so we did the Mongolian BBQ, which is always adequate. We walked a lot but she wanted to be o the sidewalk, so I didn't get to see much of the crafts, or get many photos of pretty women - there were a lot of them.

I was having problems with sciatica, and she needed to catch a train (she came on heavy rail, which only runs every 90 minutes on Sundays). So we hugged and I parked myself at what should have been a good photo op location, but did not turn out to be. Did not take a lot of photos. If it did not hur to walk I would have gone to one of the music stages, but went home instead.

Inspector left his mark. He had turned off the laundry room light switch - didn't get it that they are on a sensor and turn off by themselves. Guest bathroom door was open (I keep it closed because Spook), main bathroom shower doors were both closed (I keep one open because mold & Spook). Dishwasher was running - it was empty and on a very wasteful steam clean cycle. I think that was all.

Stopped the dishwasher, loaded it and ran a real cycle.

Snacked on chocolate covered Twinkies and sugar free popsicles.

Watched the 49ers sloppily beat the worst team in football. Lots of FF.

Streamed 6-7. Dinner was salad and then defrosted a slab of T-bone from GO a few weeks ago. Marinated in faux A1 and microwaved, came out okay using the meat setting.

Single serve chocolate cake with whipped cream. Watched the Patriots walk all over the Steelers. Very one-sided.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing in particular but hope to find out what the termite inspector and appraiser said.