September 21st, 2019



Up and out of bed by 8, Hgl was high. BP not so bad. Gained a pound.

Breakfast was a banana and the last of the best of the egg and some mozzarella.

Did all the online things, then off to the community center for the new residents' tea. Kept looking at my security cams, but the expected house visitors never showed up. Text to realtor was not answered (turns out it went to her work voicemail not her cell). Stayed at the tea till noon, it was a big turnout, then home. vegged by the TV, brushed Spook, Facebooked.

Lunch was salad and 5 grains beef. Chocolate cake for dessert.

Ran a dishwasher load. Got bored, took a nap. Should have done laundry.

Three streamers were on late, I watched them and also watched some college football. Streamed for 45 minutes. Funny that Notre Dame lost their game on a hail Mary.

Dinner gave me a chance to heat up some frozen rice and green curry chicken. Mint chip ice cream.

Online, reserved a ticket for tomorrow's show at Sunnyvale

Realtor texted - she apologized for the other realtor not canceling the visit, and she wants to chat tomorrow at 11. I do not expect good news.

UW-BYU game was not on TV here, but Huskies clobbered them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Realtor phone
Grocery outlet salad run
Jekyll & Hyde at Svale at 2:30