October 7th, 2019


Doldrums, Garbage, Vitamins, Pill boxes and MNF FAIL

Spook napping with her dolphin.

The usual breakfast at about 10, with a very high HGl and forgot BP till later. Gained 2 lbs as well. Go figure. Turkey must be fattening.

Getting real tired of the pundits who don't know the difference between juvenile and treasonous. I'd like to see him kicked out, but not on trumped up charges, pun intended. I'm fine with having the distraction of an impeachment process, and I expect the House has the majority needed to send it to the Senate, but there is no way the Senate has the 2/3 required to convict. It's pretty much the same as the Clinton impeachment as far as the numbers go.

Garbage collection was back to normal, with the garden trash picked up early, the regular garbage at about 11, and the recycles after noon.

After taking the regular garbage back to the carport, I took the extra garbage bag from the shed and tossed it in, then made the mistake of trying to pour the huge lawn bag of Styrofoam peanuts in. The bag had been on top of the cabinet for 5 years, and was falling apart.  Went inside, grabbed a couple of kitchen garbage bags, and started shoveling peanuts into them from the bin using a dust pan. After the first bag was tied off, I pulled out the bag of garbage and set it aside, so I could get at the rest of the peanuts. Ended up filling one bag and most of a third. Had to hose down the outside of the bin to get rid of the static charge. Very low humidity, you see. Put the garbage bag back in the bin, and the three bags of peanuts in the shed. I need to buy 3 "extra garbage bag" tags for next week's garbage collection. They sell them at the Chinese supermarket. The bin is good for one more real bag of garbage.

That process was done in 85° heat in the sun, and took more than an hour. Back inside, plopped into the recliner and turned on the fan. 20 minutes to recover.

Lunch started with a small salad, then a beef teriyaki steamer bowl. Single serve chocolate cake for dessert.

Online, looked again for a way to display my stats on the stream, but did not find it. I know it can be done, one of the other streamers has it.

Spook took a nap with the dolphin, I was tempted to join her.

Started watching Gold Rush on Tivo, there were three episodes lined up, but after half an hour it was clear these were several years old. Tivo's info button said they were new this week.

Streamed from 6-7, one chatter kept me busy. No followers but some lurkers.

Made a dinner salad and turned on Tivo, it had not recorded MNF. I caught the last 4 minutes of the game - 49ers at home beat the crap out of the Browns. I'll check out highlights on YouTube tomorrow. Watched PTI, and played the episode of Below Deck but instead of it being the season start (they are in Thailand this time!!!!) it was a wrap up of the last 27 seasons. Okay, maybe the highlights of the last 3. I watched but it wasn't that well done. Next week we get the real thing. They will be in Pangnga Bay, my favorite place on Earth.

Dinner was 2/3 of a container of tom kha gai, lamyay for dessert.

I forgot to buy ice cream sandwiches yesterday. It's okay - I have lots of other sweet things. Did not make pumpkin pie. Tomorrow for sure.
9 am, doorbell rang, Amazon delivery a set of three pill boxes. Only needed 2 but 2 cost more than 3, so... They are a bit bigger than expected but still reasonable. Transferred the meds over.

1:30 pm, two messages from USPS claiming they delivered packages from Amazon to my front porch. Nope. Nothing on front or side steps. After a bit I figured I needed to check the mail and there they were, in the mailbox. Three OTC bottles: beta carotene, vitamin D and coated vitamin C.
Plans for tomorrow:
Pumpkin pie
3:30 vet appointment (collect some fresh Spook poop first)
Watch whatever shows up on Tivo
Maybe charge the car
Ask Realtor what next? Open house again Saturday?