October 9th, 2019


Photo Finish

The usual breakfast, Hgl at 9 am was 111. Cleared the kitchen and bathroom counter tops, read FB and the news, then 11:45 to Specialty's, plugged in the car and tried the Chinese chicken salad with green ice tea. Chicken was tiny diced pieces on a chopped bed. Should have been bite sized pieces on shredded. The tea was good.

Kept an eye on my house security cams, around 12:15 the photog showed up. She parked on the street and came to the front door and rang the bell. The lack of a car in the carport should have been a clue. She checked her phone and got the memo about the lock box. Spook had been lounging on the platform by the livingroom window, but disappeared when she heard a person on the steps.

Photog was a pretty good looking woman, 20's, nice build, striped pants and puffy sleeve white blouse. She took pix inside and around the outside too. I stopped paying attention as soon as I saw her start work and Spook wasn't out and about. My tablet was out, and I had a novel to read on it.

30 minutes, plugged the car in for a second shot of electric.

Another 30 minutes, packed up and drove to Target. Found four kinds of acrylic nail remover, a cuticle pusher which would work well to pry under the acrylic, a pair of nail boards and a little ceramic ramekin perfect for soaking fingertips. Mint chip ice cream was on special, and I was down to my last Famous Amos.

Home, took the last BBQ turkey leg out of the freezer. Too late for my Twitch streamers, watched TV. Oak Island was doing their BS "25 most important finds" filler, of which exactly zero were actual treasure. It's amazing how the TV station continues to pour so much $$ through that hole. Only half watched because the tray table was set up with all the nail remover stuff, and a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

After the pie was done and the plate set aside,I wrapped my left thumb in a foil pouch which had an acetone-soaked pad inside. 10 minutes later I was able to push a little of the melted acrylic but it needed another 15 in a fresh pouch to remove the buildup. Next step was a pouch for each finger on my right hand, 15 minutes was enough for the middle fingers but the thumb and pinky needed something more intensive, so I opened the pot of acetone designed to soak a single finger at a time. 15 minutes and the thumb was done, then 10 for the pinky.

So now all 10 fingers are au naturel, but they all are a bit ragged on top, despite a once-over with the nail board. I think they need a coat of clear polish, there are some fixit kinds. Grocery Outlet probably carries them.

Salon would have charged at least $50, the whole shebang including cookies and ice cream was $28. The stuff I used came to $9.

Channel surfed after nuking the turkey, adding a piece of bread and a pickle. Ice cream for dessert. Famous Amos chaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
Power wash Mike may show up early morning to check out the work. I don't have to be awake.
GO for nail polish
Realtor should be letting me know about the open house plan
New Wing Yuen for extra garbage tags & coconut water
Masked Singer on Tivo
Football Giants/Patriots should be interesting.