October 22nd, 2019


Forgot all about the HB eggs

I was up and out of bed before 8 am, partly thanks to Spook coming into the bedroom when the lights came on, yelling at me and acting strangely. Showered and dressed and Hgl read at 8:11, then as I was nuking some oatmeal, AG called half an hour earlier than usual, I set breakfast aside, put on my BT headphones and chatted for more than an hour.

Checked FB, read all the news, especially the Canadian election results, which knocked Trudeau down a few pegs but kept him as PM. In the UK, the Brexit legislation was approved, but there are more votes to come as more of the deal is worked out.

And Hillary stuck her foot in it by suggesting that a Congresswoman who is an Army veteran and current major in the National Guard is a Russian plant. While H was enabling her husband's extramarital sex life this other woman was fighting in Iraq.

Locally (ish) there was a shooting at a school in Santa Rosa. They also locked down anther school and the college for no apparent reason.

Finally got email from realtor with the repairs. I'm looking at about $7,000 or more. And she said yes to lowering the price, but she wants to go lower than I can afford. We'll see what she says to only lowering it by $9k. All of this is way too late. I am not pleased. The repairs should have been arranged more than a month ago.

Streamed for 45 minutes, one chatter came on from Norway, but he didn't stay long, and the troll kept getting shut down by my security bot. I did have to block two more of his inane phony user names.

While I was in the kitchen pulling something out of the oven, those three notes sounded right by me. They came, I think, from the webcam which monitors the front windows and the cat food & water. I had removed the webcam page from my web site, but looking at each camera's logs, people have been logging in with the old guest account, so someone had made a copy of the page and distributed it. Probably my idiot troll. So I logged into each camera, removed the guest account, deleted any email information (only one cam had it), and made sure none of them had the motion or audio detection alarms enabled (two of them did).

I'm guessing that the tone was to alert me to a guest login. Or that email had been sent. I haven't received any email from any webcam in months, so maybe it was a failure warning. Anyhow, that back door is now closed. It's a matter of time whether I hear that tone again or not.

Watched storm chasers earlier in the day, and also revisited Rajj Patel's matchmaker stream. They had gotten out of hand with too many people in the display, but it's back to two contestants and four matches.

On Tivo we had PTI and Shark Tank. I skipped two segments of Shark Tank because the products were offensive. 11 seasons, and they are pretty desperate for an audience.

Shepard's pie for lunch, fish bites for dinner while watching Below Deck, in which the customers went fishing, but the only thing they caught was an eel, which they threw back even though the chef would have loved to have it. Abbi, the redhead with the searchlight blue eyes, was messing up all over the place. Boson is doing his best to manage her in a positive way, but she is overwhelmed. Similar story to the previous redhead, who thought being captain of a trawler qualified her. Abbi was a deck hand on her boyfriend's sailboat and she's lost on a boat with no sails.

Channel surfed to Animal Planet's game warden "uncuffed" series. A montage of cases where the officer found ways to not arrest people who probably should have gone to jail.

Finished the pumpkin pie, so ice cream topped with that awful brownie-for-one mix dissolved in coconut rum. Half the fish cakes bagged and in the fridge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the denture clinic, try to get an appointment
Maybe take my camera out to play