November 5th, 2019


Tough Day

Realtor wants me to remove all the rugs. I want Realtor to bring some potential buyers. Does not matter what the inside of the house looks like if nobody comes to see it.** She requested & I sent photos of some cracks in the walls which can use some spackle and paint.

**but it got me thinking about doing something stupid like moving out, putting it all in storage, putting Spook in Pet Hotel® and me in a motel. The movers will store my stuff for a month for free. $600 a month after that. Do-able for 2 months, I think. Checking motel prices here and Vegas cost as much as my rent+mortgage. Better to wait till 2020 when I can pull from my IRA to buy a house for cash in LV.

Not much on TV. Read for a few hours. Third book has taken a major rotation, 180° from book 2.

Phone call from the troll. J has confronted him & his mom. I didn't answer, listened to part of his message. He's acting all innocent. Sounds like BS to me. Will wait to hear J's report.

My BP is way up.

Lunch was sliders and lasagna. No dinner, no appetite. Nibbled on some turkey baloney.

Watched an old follow your roots episode on PBS. Well done, though not as good production values as the now defunct Who Do You Think You Are? FFed through most of PTI as they are way more about college sports & NBA and not enough about NFL football. Oak Island was another 10-minute teaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am new cardiologist appointment, need to leave about 9:15.
Little Mermaid Live on Tivo