November 10th, 2019


Wrist action

Spook slept in the bed most of the night, and returned at about 9 as I was reading in bed.

Totally forgot I'd bought a dozen HB eggs, only had a banana for breakfast. Hgl 185, a bit high.

Amoxillin is doing its job, swelling and soreness is reduced in the cat scratch area. That's a huge pill, though. Biggest in my collection by half.

Delivered early was the BT-enabled wrist BP meter. Ran several tests, they were all in or very near the normal range, though the software thinks it is seeing irregular heartbeat. Turns out Omron has taken over the Kardia device - I have one somewhere, can't remember where I threw it. Had not used it in months, because the pacemaker gives better afib data.

Mostly the usual routine online, then went to the bank and deposited the LV deposit refund - into savings. I'll need it again when I find a house to buy.

Watched some college football, many games to jump between. Sad to see Wazoo lose to Cal.

Tivo time, finally a new episode of Gold Rush, onto which was tacked a combination updater and new episode of the white water miners. Those guys are so ridiculously amateur, they are fueled by their uneducated guesses that there must be gold in those rapids. There is some, but not enough to pay for their expeditions. The strip miners are professionals by comparison.

Steamer bowl for lunch, I should have skipped it, I wasn't very hungry.

4 pm found me at MV Starbucks, J was 15 minutes late. We mostly talked about the troll, who has been sending texts to my cell phone, which is way over the line. But it made me 100% certain he is the troll. She made me promise to file a police report, since the kid is a pathological liar and his mother thinks it's funny.

Dinner was salad followed by fish fillets with melted cheeses. Magnum ice cream pop for dessert.

Watched Long Lost Lives - this one was a rare one person search. One woman was looking for her sister and brother and mother. They found her sister and father, mother was deceased and brother was not found. Normally the episode is split between finding relatives of two unrelated people, usually in distant locations from each other.

Also watched a new Long Island Medium in which her daughter has an engagement party which rivaled a wedding reception.

Adjusted the carport cam so it will sense motion sooner. It totally missed the amazon delivery this morning.

Filed a police report on the troll. Svale PD has online forms to report harassing phone calls. 5-7 days for them to process them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the garbage
Charge the car