November 25th, 2019


Lots of football

Morning as usual. Ran a 3/4 dishwasher load because I was out of small (lunchtime) salad bowls and low on salad forks. I will miss this dishwasher, it is excellent.

I think I identified the mysterious 3-note tones in the kitchen as coming from the freezer. Possibly a warning that the temperature has fallen, or maybe a notice that it is at the right temp. I should check the manual online.**

**checked. They say it would be a continuous tone. Hmmm.

Not much online. Not much on Tivo, except a lot of football. Watched The Raider lose, and the Seahawks win (barely).

Lunch was Bon Chon wings & cole slaw & salad.

3:30 off to MV met with J for coffee. Peppermint mocha. I hate Starbucks' Jesus theme cups. Okay, they are more like green and red Santa colors, but I hate them. At least there is no Jesus music yet, and no Jesus tree. Yet. If those show up, I'll stay away.

Home, watched the 49ers beat the crap out of Aaron Rodgers. Jimmy G was not that good either, but his front four are.

As expected, Sunday, no work on the house across the street. No visitors either, though we are down to our last 2 flyers. People have been stopping to pick one up.

Took out the garbage, including a bag full of shredded docs.

Ordered refills on most of my meds

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on work across the street - I'll live stream if they are working
Make a nails appt for Tuesday


House Assembly Day 2, safeway

Spook was sleeping with me from about midnight, but I couldn't fall asleep because of sciatica from my weight on the side of my butt. When I got out of bed at 3:30 or so, Spook was in the far corner of the guest room floor.

When I took my shower, the sun was shining on the mirror outside the bathroom and Spook was trying to get at the cat who she thought was behind the mirror. She's done this a couple of times. Somehow she knows there is no cat in the mirror, she knows the cat is behind it. Like it's a window or door.

The house builders arrived at about 8:30, I set up the phone to stream as soon as I was dressed , before meds or breakfast. It was chilly and windy out there. We had some activity on the roof at first, but soon all the work was being done inside and under the house, the latter blocked from view by their truck.

Garbage collection was weird today. The lawn clippings bins were done at about 10, there were not many. The park takes care of leaf blowing. Recycled bins were next, at about 2 pm. Garbage which is usually collected by 10 was not done till after 4 pm. Mail was even later.

Last night I had gone to the web site of the realtor who had sold my home and filled in a form asking for an estimate of what my selling price should be. Email and voicemail from the realtor asking for a good time to chat. I replied "after 3:30" which is when I expected the workers and my stream to be done. The workers were still doing stuff but nothing needed streaming. Realtor "L" called right at 3:30.

She said my asking price is fair. She also said living in the house should not interfere with selling it. And she also said my realtor hasn't listed it on MLS, which came as a shock to me, but it explains the crickets. She also said she has potential buyers flying in from the east coast Wednesday and will bring them to see the house. She'll touch bases with my realtor first. 

Tonight I emailed my realtor "M"  and told her we're out of flyers, her contractor still has not given me an estimate, and please see that my house gets listed on MLS.

Chatted with middle sister who was attending the Church of Monday Night Football a couple of hours later. She lives in Baltimore. Ravens crushed the Rams in LA. It was fun to watch.

Lunch was Bon Chon chicken wings.

Needed salad greens & marinated artichoke hearts, and wanted more Southern Comfort egg nog so it was off to Safeway, since Grocery Outhouse doesn't have egg nog and their artichoke hearts are small expensive jars while Safeway has generic in large jars. It wasn't as crowded for a week before T-day as I expected. Probably Costco and TJ's will get the brunt. Safeway had large "previously frozen" Dungeness crabs on sale $5.50/lb so I bought one. And after a salad, that was dinner. Spook took the two pieces I threw to her, but then she was done.

Ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Actually when I got home from Safeway my Hgl was low so I ate a Klondike bar first.

PTI and Graham Norton on Tivo. There were two Floribama Shore episodes but they were reruns. Tivo has been doing a lot of that lately. Inaccurate EPG.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stream the house builders
Maybe wash the car, but maybe it will rain