November 27th, 2019


Nails & Rain & No duck

Up at 7:30, the house builders showed up before 8:30 as I was taking meds, so I had breakfast and checked email & news before setting up the stream. Once again there wasn't much to see, except they were on the roof for a few minutes, but then most of their work was inside the house. Cold and windy, but no rain. Took the stream down at noon.

Was going to go for my nail appointment early, but instead cut back the roses some more, got stuck with thorns once and cut on the back of my hand a little. But I got the job done.

Still was 10 minutes early for my appointment. She did an okay job. Not the best but not bad. $35 instead of the $25 on their web site.

Went next door to Safeway, looking to buy a duck or a big turkey leg - raw or smoked. But there was no duck, just a lot of turkeys and ham, no smoked turkey and the raw legs they had were not much bigger than chicken. So I left empty-handed.

And it was raining. Just enough to put the wipers on intermittent. One thing I liked about the previous car is it sensed when the windshield was wet and automatically turned on the wipers, but the Leaf doesn't do that. There are several perks in the Ford which Nissan doesn't provide.

Home, the workers were out of sight, but there were three of their trucks parked there now. They were gone by 4, maybe earlier.

Daily ride home was 2 hours early, nobody was on chat. Everyone was following a storm chaser who was in the snow in Nebraska. I followed his stream for a while.

TV, Below Deck was a cluster. Rhylie was added to the crew mid-cruise, and she started out fine, but she went ballistic when she had a few drinks after the charter was over and the crew was at a restaurant. She picked a fight with the chef, who is a total jerk. Meanwhile during the charter the "primary" guest kept making moves on stew #3. Chief stew had to keep sending her below.

PTI was unusual, Tony was in a fully enclosing turkey costume. But at least he was there.

As I write this I'm watching a stream from Bangkok, a popular woman streamer is on a river taxi on the river. I've done a lot of that my last 2 trips, very nostalgic.

Lunch was late, Bon Chon chicken. Dinner was later, beef teriyaki steamer bowl. Strawberries and grapes in whipped cream for dessert for lunch, rocky road ice cream after dinner.

Streamed for 15 minutes, troll struck 4 times, somehow he got into chat with a non-following username. Reported, blocked and banned. But that's too much work. Twitch needs to ramp up their support.

Email from Realtor asking if Louise from Pam's can show the house tomorrow at 11? You betcha.

Delivered in the mailbox was a big bag of all my non-insulin meds.

Printed the rent check.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual breakfast & online stuff
Drop off the rent check. If anyone is having coffee, join in
Peet's or Starbucks. Watch the cameras as the house is visited.

The Universe Just Doesn't Like Me

Got the house ready for a buyer visit, which includes putting away all my bathroom stuff, meds, cleaning counter tops, taking out the paper & container recyclables and the buckets they usually are in in the kitchen.

The daily ride home was at 9 my time, he had half a day off for T-day weekend.

10-ish to the community center with my tablet. Dropped off the rent, grabbed a dcaf. Put the tablet on its stand, connected to wi-fi, checked the indoor and outdoor camera apps, and read from the Kindle app till 11. Chatted with neighbors who showed up. Two I met at the newcomers tea got a demo of my camera app. They asked a lot about security services. I told them the trade-off is professionals will install the system, but strangers will monitor the video.

11:30, no sign of the 11 am visitors, texted the Pam's Homes rep, she answered at noon she just heard back from my realtor, and her clients were not ready anyway.

Wasted hours for me. Feeling hungry, drove the Ranch 99, charged the car - the first charger was out of order, the second one worked. 99Ranch had lamyay but they were too small. Lobster was on sale, but the line was long and slow. moving on, bought three sesame balls and a pork bun, then half a roast duck and half a pound of BBQ pork.

Back to the car, ate the pork bun as the charger finished up.

Home, pounding rain. We got about an inch. Sesame balls for lunch. Still hoping to hear about a buyer visit. Email from Realtor pretending Pam's rep missed her text. Unlikely.

No work on the house across the street, too wet. Nice to have my gardens watered.

New Oak Island episode, FFed through most of it as usual, all they found was some old chunks of wood and a brooch. And they finally hired someone to drain the swamp.

Gold Rush was a rerun.

Ramen with BBQ pork & shrimp won tons for dinner. The won tons are horrible, all dough. They will be consigned to the disposal.

Fed up with Twitch, set up a new** YouTube channel for live streaming. I can use the same app. 24 hour hold on new YT channels, so I need to go back tomorrow to get the stream code. **actually I reclaimed my original account.

No PTI till next Monday.

Turned on Amazon Fire, watched two episodes of The Hogfather, which I had forgotten I had. Superb production values, beautiful protagonist, all around excellent casting. Discovered that verruca is another name for plantar's F.

Plans for tomorrow:
More Hogfather
Bears/Lions, Bills/Cowpokes, Saints/Falcons - need to set Tivo
More reading - I think I'll be done with the trilogy soon, then on to a Seanan McGuire novel
Maybe watch the rain from the front porch. Maybe.
Duck for dinner.