November 28th, 2019


Shopping on Thanksgiving

Went way down the Internet rabbit hole this morning, not up and dressed till 11. Hgh BP. medium Hgl.

It was raining lightly most of the day.

My T-day protest was to go to Grocery Outlet, which was open till 3 pm, and bought a smoked turkey leg, whipped cream, a big bag of cheddar popcorn and a frozen Sarah Lee pumpkin pie.

Home, I was surprised to discover that the pie needed 375° for 70-75 minutes. I thought it was ready to eat. But there was plenty of time to do that.

Noshed on popcorn and watched the Lions play in their PJs.

Lunch was 4 oz of lox, half a jar of sour cream & onions herring and a small tub of Bon Chon cole slaw. Wish I'd bought bagels - the lox was very salty. Ice cream sandwiches for dessert because the pie was still in the oven.

On tivo, watched the two NFL games, then dinner was white rice and roast duck.  Started to watch the third one, but it was too  much.

Opened YouTube and streamed on my new channel for half an hour. Zero visitors. I am not surprised.

Lots of FB time, so many people posting about their T-day dinners and gatherings. Had I wanted to, a few of my theater friends would have let me show up for their dinner, but I had my duck & pumpkin pie.

Forgot to Tivo the Macy's parade, but it's all over YouTube, I may watch some tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
None. Watch the rain?
Maybe if it's not raining, collect the rose branches and put them in the dumpster.
Duck soup with BBQ pork