December 4th, 2019


Phishing, Job pimps, #20, rain and food stamp follow up

The phone rang before 7 am, so I ignored it. Georgia area code probably spoofed. Rang again at 7:45, caller ID said US Drug Enforcement Administration. Obviously a phishing scam, ignored it.

Spook woke me up - she was fighting the cat in the mirror. That mirror has been by the bathroom door for months, she noticed it during the first couple of days, but after she figured out that there was no cat behind it, she ignored it till this morning.

The usual morning routine except Spook joined me on the bed as soon as I turned the lights on, and stayed there till I was dressed.

All together, three calls with that same caller ID, but from three different numbers. I went to the DEA web site and those were all legitimate branch office numbers - Oakland, Texas, Chicago. And on the page was a warning that scammers were cloning their phone numbers and threatening legal action unless a fine was paid. I had not answered any of the calls, but I did screen them. Later in the day I went back to the web page and used their scam report form. 

Facebooked, took care of email, forgot to read news because someone was streaming snowstorms near Lake Erie, Ohio. Fired up the Amazon Fire and watched the remake of The Time Machine, which I thought was superb technically, acting was acceptable, except for the two ingenues, who were fantastic. Sienna Guillory was the obligatory blonde, Samantha Mumba  was the Eloi love interest. She is half Irish and half Zambian ethnically but off screen is a top ten Irish pop singer. Her little brother in the movie is played by her little brother IRL. He was great.

Lunch was salad and tuna casserole and the rest of the sour cream herring. Chocolate cake dessert. Finished in time to join the daily drive home. Then watched more snow.

Went outside to plug in the car.  Checked the mail but it was late. Chatted with neighbors. Watched #20 being worked on inside. Raine all day.

Watched PTI and a new Oak Island. Annoying show, they pack about 10 minutes of new information into an hour. And the writers have this infuriating habit of presenting something, and then having the narrator reiterate it in a series of questions. And then they keep playing the same stock footage covering the same points they beat to death last week. There is clearly no treasure to be found, but by the time they are done looking, the whole island will have been plowed and they can make a fortune selling subdivisions.

Dinner was salad and the last of the breaded fish fillets, covered in Swiss cheese. The last of the Rocky Road ice cream was dessert.

Since the power will be off all day, I took some bread and bagels out of the freezer and the PNB & J out of the fridge. Made PNB&J sandwiches and put those and two bagels in zip lock sandwich bags.

Unplugged the car when it was charged, and got the mail. Food stamps person sent me two forms, one where I had to say what language I wanted materials and conversations in, and a voter registration thing where I checked the box that I'm already registered. And another form for me to list my medical expenses, which in my case are probably enough to get a bigger food stamp allowance.

Two follow up calls from the Indian pimps. They had a job as a contractor for a local company working at Google, same arrangement as my last gig. The second caller was all about my not having worked for a year, I told him I retired. I could have also gone with self-employed. Email from pimp #1 asking for a video interview tomorrow. Replied no, I won't have power or an internet connection, let's reschedule. No word from her. 

Prep for tomorrow, I charged the laptop battery & installed the latest update.

Late in the day Realtor emailed that she would come by tomorrow with flyers, would ask (for the 3rd time) for the contractor to deliver my estimate, and have her colleague list my house on MLS. All of these things 3 weeks too late. I emailed back that I had already printed flyers (but please bring more) and since the power will be out I probably won't be home.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be up & dressed and fed by 8:30. Power down the PC before the shutdown.
When the power goes off, get in the car and head for a Starbucks or the library.