December 15th, 2019


The Day of Waiting In Line

Last night Spook was there in bed with me but at 3:30 I bailed, went to the kitchen for a glass of chocolate milk, but am almost out of chocolate syrup :-( so it was just a hint of chocolate. Watched some Gold Rush. Paused before the underwater section and went back to bed. Slow to get back to sleep. Spook stuck around till my 6 am pit stop then moved to her livingroom window.

Acronis backup was still running, but slow and stuck.

Antsy, I finished the HB egg but not the banana, and drove to the SMART station to recycle the microwave. Usually there is a rack for them, but not today. Waited for the attendant to have a moment free from paying can collectors, she pointed me to a dumpster bin, I had to lower the oven in about 4 feet. Not cool. Tossed the dead power supplies in the misc items bin next to it.

Home, finished the banana and tried stopping and restarting the backup.

FB, Twitch and then PNB&J for lunch, watched the white water gold rush segment. Tuned into TWC but they were playing reruns. Pretty sad that they don't cover the weather live on weekends.  Watched my friend Nancie making pralines on the  Home & Family show on Hallmark and an episode of LI Medium. Everything else on Tivo was a rerun.

Did some research and the math seemed to say 8TB would back up in 20 hours by network, but 3 hours by USB 3.0. I have a USB 3 card in the PC. A couple of PC sites said the WD single drive backup with USB 3 was the best. Best Buy had their 10TB backup drive on sale, so I ordered it.

3-ish, BB texts the drive is read for pickup but first BB&B for sodastream stuff. Huge line. People doing their holiday shopping way too early. What ever happened to waiting till the last minute? Next door to BB, the lines were insane. And there was nobody at the easy pickup desk. Took 10 minutes for someone to even notice me (despite my yelling). And she took way too long, somehow signed me up for a BB credit card which I did not want. Another 15 minutes.

I had time, still was half an hour early for coffee with J. Had to wait for 5 minutes as some bozo who left his card/phone/brain at home came back to pay with cash.

J totally loses it talking about impeachment. She doesn't get it that nothing he did on the phone call was criminal, and he's protected by executive privilege from being forced to have his staff testify. She also doesn't see how it's the same witch hunt Clinton went through, and will end the same way. I hate it when my side (Pelosi's penguins) is so inept. It's Obamacare all over again.

Home, deleted the files on the Netgear NAS drive, disconnected it and hooked up the WD drive. Unfortunately the included backup software sucks, it can only do a full backup, and it got stuck at 1%. So I re-installed the Acronis and set it to backup E: to the WD drive tomorrow morning. And C on Saturdays. Incremental backups after the full backup. We'll see tomorrow.

Mac & cheese while watching Graham Norton with The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jodie Who and Michael Palin. Fun show. But no red chair - Tivo cut off before the end.

Earlier had an online chat with Tivo support, they showed me how to transfer my schedule from the current to the new unit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Monitor the E backup
Microwave is due to be delivered
Watch Twitch streamers
Football - Seahawks/Panthers in the morning, both the 49ers and Raiders have games around 2 pm. It will be the last Oakland game for the Raiders, the rest of their season is away games, then they move to Las Vegas. I hope I get there before they do. All three games will be on Tivo. Keep my fingers crossed, the new Tivo is not due till Monday.