December 18th, 2019


Asian Market, Tivo delivery & setup

Oddly realistic dreams last night, woke up at about 7 confused. I can't remember if Spook was on the bed at all. She did spend a lot of time during the day sleeping on the bed. Right now she's tube cat.

Breakfast, Hgl a little lower than yesterday. BP higher.

Need my nails done. Thought about getting a haircut, Tuesday is $11 seniors day but it's cold outside, so no rush.

Decoded the DMV registration card. The lease is with Nissan Infiniti Ltd, the DMV left the model blank. So I stuck the 2020 decal on the rear plate. 

Drove to the New Wing Yuen market, which is not so new anymore. Bought a few cans of Thai tea. They have stopped stocking the coconut water in cartons, now it's only one brand without pulp, in cans , 27 brands in cans and bottles with pulp. Bought 6 cans. Lobster is still at $15/lb, so no thanks. No crab at all. No trout. Bought some Philippine pork buns, puff parantha and frozen ha gow. No longans or rambutan. $45 on the EBT card. Thought about Korean ribs, but not at $10/lb.

No real lunch, just salad. What I thought were microwave breaded cod lunches turned out to need 25 minutes in the oven, so I had the last teriyaki beef steamer for dinner. After salad.

The Tivo bolt was delivered around 4:30, I just happened to be going out onto the porch when the delivery woman came up the steps.

Almost everything went as planned. I did the whole installation and update routine without connecting to cable. Unplugged them both and swapped the cable card from A to B, called Comcast to pair the card with B.

On the PC web site I was able to copy all my one pass settings (it was quick and easy) and I scheduled all the recordings to transfer as well. Unplugged A and set it aside. Started to play PTI, and Below Deck from B, but although the web site claimed they had completely transferred, they both froze about 15 minutes in. Plugged A back in and was able to call up A's recordings from B and play them.

Spent a lot of time with the channel list. By default the Tivo selects all the channels available on your cable, I had to individually de-select all the SD stations (except CSPAN and local educational stations) and all the music channels, and all the sports stations I have no interest in. And all the Spanish and Chinese ones. There was a lot of back and forth between the TV and the channel list as I found stations I would have liked to have but were not in my bundle. I do get Buzzer, which was showing The Match Game.

So. Below Deck just keeps getting worse. Way too much crew drama, Capt. making bad decisions - he needed to bring a Thai mechanic on board to fix the galley exhaust fan when the engineering crew had no clue, but didn't even think to do that. One thing easy to find in Phuket are excellent mechanics. Kate should have helped with that but she's too busy feeling sorry for herself. Meanwhile the chef can't make a decent meal for the very picky guests because of all the smoke.

Started watching Creature Features, their guest is the woman who starred in the movie. 1962 Carnival of Souls, Candace Hilligoss is now 84, but looks pretty good and is very recognizable as the blonde ingenue. Paused after 20 minutes, to be continued.

Crickets from Realtor.

No storm chasers were streaming, so I watched TWC.

Plans for tomorrow:
 10-ish coffee in the community center
Nails - call for an appointment

No shows, rain, Congress plays its Trump card

The rain started at 4 am or so, was on and off all day.
Breakfast, email, FB, nobody on Twitch, read some news, then turned on the TV and watched some of the House speeches. The Articles of Impeachment are lame, and it's clear Pelosi has no legal training. No prosecutor would have put together such nebulous, vague charges. I hate it when my side is inept.

Worked some more on the Tivo channel list, mostly removing channels which are not part of my bundle, but also adding 103, which has old B&W flicks and Buzzer, which has old game shows. I love the political incorrectness in the latter.

The only recorded show was PTI, it played without a hitch. Some of the stations are coming in in real 4K HD with HDR. Jumps right out at you. Tivo+ is included, and one of their movie channels is in HDR.

Kind of tedious, but I think I have all the channels I want and none of the ones I don't get.

Still no NASA channel. Boo hiss. Blame Comcast.

10 o'clock I drove to the community center, nobody showed up for coffee. 10:30 the bible study group appeared, they use the crafts room and close the door. The leader comes from away, she is a very attractive Latina.

The last of the corn dogs for lunch. Dinner was going to be home made chicken soup, only one container (2 servings) left in the freezer. Tried to make egg drop with egg whites in a carton, but it didn't happen. I don't think the soup was hot enough. I'll have one more shot at it.

Streamed for about 40 minutes before the asshole showed up. I really should call the police.

Crickets from Realtor.

Good news, a new listing in Tropicana Palms popped up, 3 BR for $66k. I just need my house to sell.

Plans for tomorrow:
GO, charge the car, buy desserts & cat treats.
Look for more shows to record on Tivo
Deactivate the Roamio
Recycle it and the NAS drive